6 Things We Learnt From CHELSEA 1-0 NORWICH


6 Things We Learnt from Chelsea 1-0 Norwich. Olivier Giroud scores the only goal as Chelsea win 1-0 at home to Norwich. The win puts Chelsea FC 4 points clear in the race for the Top 4. Chelsea keep another clean sheet at Stamford Bridge as the score finishes Chelsea 1-0 Norwich! Let me know the 6 Things You Learnt from Chelsea 1-0 Norwich in the comment section!

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Chelsea vs Norwich (1-0) in the Premier League with Olivier Giroud scoring the only goal as Chelsea go four points clear of their rivals in the Premier League top 4 Champions League race. The pressure is now on both Leicester City and Manchester United as they look to close the gap again on Chelsea Football Club.

Chelsea will be happy after Chelsea vs Norwich (1-0) as clean sheets have been few and far between this season for Chelsea Football Club.

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  1. Noah Homes says

    George Benson is probably the best thing about Chelsea this man is the best fan channel we could of asked for

  2. Abdullah O. says

    George, we were only able to score 1 goal against Norwich, now how do you think we can beat United, Liverpool, and Wolves?

  3. Fargolapse170 says

    I prefer Declan rice to Rudiger

  4. Henry Menard says

    George seems to pinpoint each aspect of the game better than any other Chelsea channel

  5. Shane Behn says

    Marcus Alonso can not take players one on one . Necesito gangster ass left back for Chelsea

  6. Darnell Greene says

    We have a lot of the ball because all we do is pass backwards and sideways


    nobody noticed kepa's 2nd clean sheet


    jorghinio was alright he kept possesion but most of his passes were not sucessful


    i told you guys that said rudiger is not worth but look at this match norwich didnt smell onehe is worth this is a bounceback for him


    are almost midfield made me not want kante

  11. Pierre Oben says

    United is going to dismantle us in the FA

  12. Lulu Shangase says

    I think we can all agree that Jorgihno is a no no for us

  13. Racio says

    I'm annoyed you didn't give Azpilicueta the credit he deserves, his performance vs Norwich was by far the best, he made 2 chances as well as performing exellent defensively (4 tackles, 3 interceptions, 2 blocked shots and 3 clearances)

  14. RED says

    Rudiger solid? Give me a break… Norwich couldn't create a chance or put any pressure on our back four. Once United and Liverpool put us any under pressure, Rudiger will screw us and wilt. You liked the pace of his passes? Yeah real impressive watching him and Zouma zipping the ball across the turf to each other for 90 minutes. What game were you watching? Zouma and Rudiger never played it between the lines and just passed it around back because Norwich were staying tight on Jorginho. Let them get their shape every time. Also you can't say we could have easily had 4 or 5 goals… When we clearly can't break down low blocks to save our lives or create any real quality chances, never mind score goals. Everyone giving out about needing defenders which couldn't be more true but we need Havertz as well. That midfield is crying out for a midfielder who can bring the ball into attacking areas and create chances. Otherwise we'll just be Possession FC…

  15. Deyan says

    Am i the only one who thinks Willian is just not playing well enough. He scores and provides assists but he doesnt look motivated at all, he is just finishing a season he doesnt wanna finish. IDK maybe it just me but i think he will leave he doesnt look happy on the field like he was the past 7 years.

  16. Kwaku Adu-Yeboah says

    Jourginho slows down our attack

  17. Kwaku Adu-Yeboah says

    Zouma and Rüdiger are a good combo

  18. Siyabulela Noyo says

    We need to stop trying to find excuses for Jorginho's performances. He's not good enough for the English league period simply because he's approach is suited for Italian football…slow and more time on the ball. In England they put pressure on him…KOVACIC needs more playing time…he's a bit more creative. What is missing is leadership. A leader at the back to marshall the defence, and be more vocal…

  19. Kevin Holt says

    Also, teams loading up on left side. Chelsea needs Ziyech to be a menace on right. Pulisic had good shots but yes I want more. Give the lad credit for chugging it out. Hes just 21. 5 days off let's GET IT!!!

  20. Kevin Holt says

    Whole team looked tired. Even Pulisic was slower. Need rest. Mercury retrograde or something hah. Rest up!

  21. victor gekonge says

    Rudiger today plays like Van dik Tomorrow he is Maguire??

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