We compared different basketball shoes at different price points!

Zack video



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  1. Ramil D says

    i wanna see zack poster kris tho lmao

  2. Editz says

    I use flytraps

  3. Tom Riaza says

    He dumb af
    When it comes to sneakers

  4. Brendan Nielsen says

    7:27 he predicted the future, he sais sus!
    red sus

  5. Alessandro Bishop says

    This guy is so dumb he thinks that shoes would count in a 1v1

  6. Alessandro Bishop says

    Gotta say the cheap shoe does wayyy better traction wise compaired to the adidas

  7. Chino Boi says

    Talking shit about kyrie flytrap says the guy who can’t play ball lol

  8. Gaming with Charles says

    Yea they most definitely sleeping on kyrie and those nikes shoes

  9. Che Boon Ping says

    It's not about the shoe, it's the skills. I have a 50 dollar nike and it's still good and there you are complaining it's bad

  10. Brian says

    He can’t teach but he got that peach

  11. Keith Pacheco says

    I disliked the vid because he dissed that flytraps. I have flytrap 1,2 and 3. Even tho i have dame, curry's and pg's flytraps are ny go-to shoes

  12. KnYva . says

    The Nike air percussion is actually a good shoe I use it to practice in… and no one cares

  13. Skyth says

    me buys $100 shoe i think its expensive as hell jesse cheap!!!!!!! trash

  14. 11-2 Altamirano Adrian says

    the truth, they were made that only one person tried the two shoes. to make it more fair.
    since it would depend on the physical of the person

  15. Brady Orem says

    That last 3 was actually a 2

  16. poke jag says

    WAIT thats zack ARE YOU SERIOUS

  17. poke jag says

    69 99

  18. GaL RoZmAn says

    This man roastin non wealthy viewers

  19. Amar 21 says

    Bro shut up I have 25£ shoes

  20. krishna Singh says

    Come on Jesse i have those kyrie flytraps

  21. AdmireNickle 132 says

    Hey those are some decent shoes some of us can’t go out and buy 700$ dollar shoes the most expensive shoe I have is maybe 100 maybe though.

  22. aj _robot world says

    What buzzer

  23. NormalAggy says

    Why do this if your automatically bias? lol

  24. Joshua Figueroa says

    I wish I can dislike this 20,000 times

  25. Adam Dembiec says

    Did my man Zach just say that the BBB Zo2 had NIKE FLYKNIT!?!?!

  26. Micah Gregerson says

    Flytraps and Lebron witness 3s are great

  27. Gabriel morassi says

    only americans would spend one thousand bucks in a pair of trainers, the culture of having money and pretend all the time

  28. GetClampedKid says

    You just have me over here with my Kyrie flytraps

  29. NYCbuiltTY says

    Kobe mamba rage are you kidding me those are fire

  30. xxsavgeaka says

    Why zack look whiter no rasict

  31. Grantpa says

    I was the guy who pulled up in the red, white and blue Flytraps lol

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