$60 Budget Android Phone Samsung A01 Review


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In this video we take a look and test out the all-new Samsung A01, A $60 Budget android phone that not all that bad for the

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  1. RichRetro says

    If you buy these at Walmart are they unlocked?

  2. Achirag Chirag says

    The sponsor video could have been shorter

  3. salocin911 says

    great review as always, do we know which antenna bands this carries? as far as putting it on different carriers? or is it locked to a specific one

  4. salocin911 says

    with USBC could it output video. like this into a wireless keyboard mouse and a monitor and you got yourself cheap for 60 bucks.

  5. Teddy M says

    what has happened to all the awesome emulation testing you used to do? That is what made your channel so special. Oh well. Unsubbed.. no emu testing in last 5 videos I watched.

  6. Clock Book says

    I m using redmi go trust me it's amazing that they work fine with 1 or 2 gb ram

  7. DeadsGames says

    Great phone only bummer is in germany, just looked at amazon, it costs 135€

  8. I'd Rather Watch Paint Dry says

    Seems like a great phone for the price.

  9. Matthew Hartsuch says

    WOW ??? I think thats a new budget king ?, seems like it would be a small step down from a SD625 phone but really not bad for sub-$60

  10. Oi Juanito says


  11. Ardimo Harsa says

    So apparently this A01 is using USB Type C while in Asia this phone still use microUSB

  12. Justin Zuidema says

    In Europe it’s 120 euro’s

  13. OG- Nesley says

    Picked one up today just for some smw rom hacks. I'm an iPhone user and this little cheap A01 is a pleasant experience so far. Thanks for the headsup.

  14. Mert İNAL says

    Such quality ?

  15. Asfi Belpois says

    I watching this is video in Samsung Galaxy A01. Thanks for review!

  16. FlorKiler new says

    oh hell yeah,finnaly a good sponsor

  17. kibbee890 says

    The sponsor spot is way too long.

  18. Sovereign Brand says

    -_-/ less ram than a pi4

  19. whoisthis says

    I like your ford focus st! 😀

  20. David Woods says

    Or $150 here in Canada 🙁 Taking into account exchange rate that's still $110 US.

  21. zenn22 says

    Checking Facebook? I know you do a lot of retro stuff but thats way too vintage xD

  22. MonamiTech says

    Aoi … good naming..

  23. JustAwfulGamer says

    Literally just got this phone for my son 2 days ago. Are you stalking me?

  24. dmb062082 says

    ETA bro this is a msg literally for you https://youtu.be/Ve3BU0nAzj0

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