7 Healthy Meals Under 30 Mins ?Budget Meal Prep Challenge!


Here’s a quick and easy healthy meal prep video! If you need to make a quick healthy meals that’s healthy and also cheap, this video should give you some ideas on what you can make.

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  1. Madhuparna Dhar says

    Hey Chloe, firstly congrats on your 2M subscribers! Very much well deserved ?I came across your channel about one and a half months ago and I feel super glad right now that I did. Your workout programs are so amazing. I wasn't expecting any huge change in my body but now when I see my before-after pictures I feel so happy and proud that I stuck throughout your entire programs. I never liked exercising before but your workouts have somehow become a part of my everyday routine now! Thank you for bringing such a positive impact; you are truly great and you deserve all the appreciation ??Also a big hug to the Chloe Ting community where there are tons of nice people who never fail to motivate you just when you need it!! ?

  2. Sabreen Hassan says

    شوق لاافييو???

  3. Sabreen Hassan says

    شوقق خلنا ننحف مع بعض?❤️❤️

  4. Sahar Naveed says

    Hey chloe can we Yellow potatoes

  5. lesly portillo says

    Hi chloe I hope u see this comment because it would really helpful if you make a video of easy lunches that we can make(to go to school) because is kinda hard to make some of your recipes for lunch if we have to go school ?thank you for sharing all your videos with us love u ??

  6. Amirah says

    I love how much of a mess Chloe always is in the kitchen ?

  7. tadabae says

    I can't believe I didn't know about Chloe's channel until a few days ago. And I can't believe we get all this content for free. She's so amazingggg

  8. Yutikax says

    This came up when I searched up for mug quick foods-

  9. Mai Yia Yang says

    She didn't even wash hands before start cooking; She touched her hair already.

  10. Daisy Dano says

    Love you Chloe! ☺️

  11. Flair Luna says

    Chloe you should most definitely start a cooking series ヾ(≧▽≦*)

  12. samira yusupova says

    I just love how you don't get hate or anything bad you don't get involved into a WHOLE CHEESY FIGHT and mind your own business and do your thingAnd I wish you the best of life and day ❤️❤️??❤️?❤️?????

  13. Katie Flinnn says

    is any way to sub avocados? im severely allergic but almkst all healthy meal uses it

  14. Nur Aisah Solehah says

    It was litle bit mess but in cute way ?

  15. Vinny Huong says


  16. Patricia Padilla says

    Hi Chloe, what is the oven temperature ? and for how long should all be in.

  17. Christine Alcontin says

    Chloe ting you are truly a package? you take good care of your health very well and cook very well??? I HOPE ALL…….. BONUS! MAKES THE HEALTHY FOOD LOOK YUMMIER??

  18. K.A R. says

    Lol I am panicking with you ?

  19. jacqueline painen says

    Le podrian colocar subtitulos para las que te seguimos de sudamerica saludos de ??

  20. Laura Sigouin says

    What temperature is the oven at?

  21. Brysa marina chanona vazquez says

    Plis recipes vegetarianas

  22. Gavin Barnes says

    Just me or are those portions huge ?

  23. Death Point says

    “I think we might be just in time”. *Me after cooking for 3h because I don’t know the cooking times, my rice burning(literally) and my capsicums in the oven and I don’t know for how long have they been in there and having no clue as to what to do with the chickpeas*: Yeah just in time?

  24. akawojo says

    you know how to cook a delicious meal! thanks for the show!

  25. Nataschia Chua says

    i thought i was working out when i saw the timer,, my heart leaped

  26. ChristKSolidRock says

    lol something pop in the oven

  27. Xpples says

    Timer: startsMe: vietnam war flashbacks

  28. Ishu 123 says

    I am very mesmerized.. eventhough u didn't finish it in 30 mins.. its still a achievement!! Its literally impossible for me??


    Queen of multitasking???

  30. EverythinG JouJOu says

    Any algerian girls here????

  31. Heather Amburgey says

    I love her accent. It's like Asian-Australian. Cool?

  32. GonnaFly says

    At one point, the subtitles told me serious space mouse

  33. Darshana Jetavat says

    Dear I m vegeterian and more I don't egg as well so if u have any veg prep for weight loss let me know please

  34. Khadija beauty says

    Please arabic

  35. rina2012ful says

    Chloe, I am surprised that you do not have a rice cooker to cook your rice.

  36. Jill Grannon says

    Chloe get yourself a rice steamer , makes life easier

  37. Leonardo Tejada says

    You can cook the eggs and the rice by just putting the egg at the top of the ruce grains before starting cooking the rice thats how we do it here in the pihillipines lavyah chloe♡♡♡

  38. Suzan Khan says

    Love u♥️

  39. Bella Josie Limbaga says

    I find you so adoooooorable! ? Good job❣️

  40. Matthew Lynch says

    My god you’re beautiful. Let me lick your arm pits ??

  41. Anona Galbraith says

    Can I find these ingredients and recipes written down anywhere? It looks really good!

  42. Ibeth Alfaro says

    Thank you for the ideas and the humor that you put ❤️???

  43. Tauriel says

    just looking at the timer gave me anxiety. workout trauvma i guess…

  44. Mira Aurelio says

    Are the chickpeas cooked together with the tomatos?

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