7 Skills You Need as an iOS Developer


Let’s go over 7 skills you need as an iOS developer. Yes, there are many more things you should know within iOS development, but these 7 skills are important. Enjoy!

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  1. Bucky Barz says

    Udacity is trash.

  2. ابـــن الـــفــخــامـــة says

    Now it’s 208k congratulations

  3. 夏英浩 says

    Really appreciate you make this video. I am just a beginner of iOS developer. This would be the map for what I need to learn. Thanks again!

  4. Swiftly Shivali says

    So true! Every single one of these skills is so important. Although, I don't think we need to stick to MVC design pattern – we risk hitting the "Massive View Controller" syndrome!

  5. ? says

    ㅗ ㅗ ㅗㅗ ㅗ ㅗ

  6. eng mahmoud arafat says


  7. HO GULP says

    hi ForrestKnight thank you for your great video about essential points beginner ,but one thing That I feel not good is .. your t-shirt I know it is kinda off topic. as I am Korean the red logo and shape makes me mad,,, somehow

  8. Shiva shankar Vara prasad says

    Thank u sir

  9. Sleazy Mansion says

    I know where I’m at in your videos based on your beard, if it’s short there old videos if it’s long it’s a recent video ?

  10. Source Feezy says

    u need some sun bro… smh

  11. Paul McVas says

    You tell me very interestingly, and I painted the stages myself pretty cool, thank you very much for the video, I did everything cool. And I recently started an internship at https://www.intellectsoft.net/services, I hope your skills will help me, now I watch all your videos, I really like them, thanks again!

  12. wheland44 says

    Are you sure you are an iOS developer? You don't know what MVP means, and you present Core Data as the only solution, whereas you could learn Realm. Better not to follow your advices.

  13. Nguyễn Đình Phú says

    I am an ios base developer, can you tell me what i want to be an ios senior developer? What I need to do ?Please

  14. Edword Elworthy says

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  15. 115Kramer says

    Went here for the topic… Intro plays… immediately subscribes… hehehe

  16. Hansa Welgama says

    Now you have 127K subs

  17. ian rudey says

    sick intro

  18. R o v i says

    I’m a teen how can I get started?

  19. Sourav Basak says

    As a web designer if you have decided to do something exciting then creating your own mobile application would be a real fun. Learning how to make iOS applications is an attractive and a potential profitable view. When you start with it, you are really excited about the things that you start research about it.

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  20. King Ragnar says

    Looking like Über in Vikings anyone observed that?

  21. Peter Suwara says

    No 8 – SwiftUI 😀

  22. Mayank Bagri says

    now u have 92k ..subscribers

  23. Swift Code says

    классные уроки https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eZ4tq-Dg70

  24. Sean Fagan says

    You had 11,000 subscribers when you posted this and today March 27, 2019 you have 75k follows. Congrats on the growth!

  25. Peter Shaburov says

    1:54 is start

  26. Marwen Jamel says

    mvc is pretty bad for ios from experience man your poisoning people with mvc… -_-

  27. Gordon Gaming says

    One more thing, 2 to 4 hours of sleep because XCode is addictive. I never had more then 4 hours of sleep since becoming and Apple Developer.

  28. Learn TheNew says

    Provide Android Courses is included with Kotlin or not

  29. Eduardo Fernandes says

    hi where is the udemy link?

  30. M Navarro says

    So you learned from udemy? Without going to a boot camp?

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