7 Times Music in Games Blew Our Minds – Round 2


it’s the difficult second album, as the Outside Xtra and Outside Xbox teams choose more pieces of video game music that absolutely blew our minds 🤯🎶

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  1. Ten Lives Gaming says

    If I had to pick a memorable song that has stuck with me since I heard it, it has to be the Time Gear song from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky

  2. FireofDawn says

    I know I’m late to the train but the recent game Spiritfarer had an amazing soundtrack

  3. TheGreatPineapple says

    Decisive Battle 2 from Octopath Traveller. Specially how the theme of each character smoothly transitions to it as the boss battle begins.

  4. Kynos Music says

    Yeah the animal crossing one is trash, solely because of the (broken modem) "voice", it might've passed if it was just the instrumentals though…

  5. adamtilbury99 says

    i was expecting bfg division

  6. CVCCI says

    I feel like Kingdoms of Amalur getting remastered is some kind of personal redemption for Ellen

  7. Steven Fellows says

    For me, the first game music I really noticed, appreciated and loved:

    Final Fantasy (Any) – Battle On The Big Bridge (Gilgamesh Theme)
    Final Fantasy XII – Summoned Beast Theme


    Before doom we had the grinding chase in ratchet deadlocked

  9. RamblingVox Sol says

    I'm sorry mine is Nayru's song from Zelda. That song was so nice I restarted the game just to hear it again (i played that game 1000times in on my game boy color and that song always got me

  10. Keivz says

    Unexpected Enemy—final boss music from Panzer Dragoon Zwei. Best gameplay track ever in my humble opinion. Give it a listen, I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t blow your mind.

  11. Roland Perteev says

    So… no Sonic music at all? Not even the Bridge Zone tune?

    Or was the unspoken rule "No Sonic, no Lemmings and no Wipeout"?

  12. FictionWriter95 says

    A music history student's comments on Venice Violins:

    It's clearly meant to hearken back to the violin concertos of Vivaldi, who lived in Venice for most of his life.

    1. There's little, if any, winds or brass, which is appropriate for Baroque music since most of the modern wind/brass instruments either hadn't been developed yet or were in a rather primitive form.

    1a. Also, the harpsichord is playing a continuo part (basically just playing chords), which was by far the most common role a harpsichord would play in Baroque orchestras. (Also that's what the harpsichord is doing in the Woodtick thing, not playing the melody; jeez Andy, get it right you uncultured swine)

    2. The music appears to be structured in ritornello form (a "chorus" section that keeps returning, interspersed with other material), which is very common in Baroque concertos, especially those by Vivaldi.

    3. It follows a lot of other Baroque conventions, like lots of sequences (short melodic patterns that repeat with slight alterations each time) and quite conventional harmonic progressions.

    It especially resembles the Violin Concerto in G minor RV 315, better known as "Summer" from the Four Seasons.

    Thanks for coming to my TED talk

  13. Anna Robles says

    they hate to see a chad (kk slider) thriving

  14. Alex Wing says

    Ignore the nasty colleagues, Luke. You're bang on! 👍👍👍👍

  15. N.E. Wahn says

    How about Mass Effect 1's menu theme? Or Leaving Earth/An End Once And For All? Suicide Mission? Lost Without You? Future for the Krogan?

  16. Kevin French says

    Is it just me, but most of these guys pick classical or MIDI tracks then the absolutely adorable, doe eyed Jane pulls out a BRUTAL METAL TRACK!!!! Jane is my favorite from now on!!!!

  17. TeflonTono says

    Aww, i really do hope there is another, i wanted Nier: Automata…

  18. • Trianna_phoenix • says

    nobody gonna talk about the wii u theme song?

  19. Jubilee Chambers says

    I have a deep deep love for Elizabeth's Theme from Bioshock Infinite. I dont know why I just find it so beautiful.

  20. ItsYourMama says

    Skyrim dragon born
    Oblivion main menu music
    GTA 4 intro song
    Bioshock Ocean on his shoulders Golden eye main theme
    Fallout 3 menu theme
    State of decay civilization falls

  21. Marko Zec says

    They had to be crushed on first video for not including Doom and Monkey Island themes there, they are some of most legendary and easily recognized themes… Probably because they often do more console games…

  22. Sound Braker says

    On the lines of Mass Effect, you know what you guys should listen to? The Subnuatica OST! My favorite is Crash Site, but Into The Unknown and Red Alert are good too.

  23. Marc Shlyshen says

    Mike is absolutely spot on. The Galaxy Map music, really all of the music in Mass Effect is phenomenal. My personal favourite is the main theme from the first game, and the song in the credits, M4 Part 2 by Faunts.

  24. Gwen Yu Soon says

    Everyone talking about K. K. Slider aside, I absolutely love the Verdanturf theme in Pokémon Gen 3's RSA games. It always makes me tear up and feel at ease.

  25. Nigel Hotdogg says

    KK Slider is my jam

  26. Nyasha Makunike says

    where is aria math from minecraft

  27. John Smith says

    Witcher 3 and Deus Ex (1) (2000)

  28. Glitcher Kai says

    Song of Healing isn't here……..

  29. Marcos Danilo says

    i think the first time i stopped and noticed the music in a game was probably either frog's or robo's theme in chrono trigger.

  30. Kittinthehatlady says

    I just have to add one of my absolute favourites, The Fields of Ard Skellig from The Witcher 3.

  31. Siala Brown says

    I vibe with K. K.s music more than I dare to admit. 😅 Bubble gum pop is the best!!

  32. Lana Faye says

    Ellen at the end when luke kept playing kk slider songs is your mum when you accidentally (sometimes on purpose) press the connect with tv button on youtube and play bouncing seals at full volume around the house.

  33. ghaleb albalawi says

    (How much is that dog in the window) all I can think of bioshock

  34. Andrew Turner says

    I dont know why, but the song on Sam Nd Max that the Computer Obsolescence Prevention Society (C.O.P.S.) sing was one for me. It was really catchy.

  35. John Freeman says

    For such a generally chilled guy Luke has a lot of intensity when he's into his music.

  36. broceratops1337 says

    Ppl sleep on K.K. House

  37. Chris Lovett says

    Greatest of all time has to be the destiny OST

    Excerpt from the rose literally has me in tears

  38. Gwen Yu Soon says

    Honestly, my favorite K. K. song is Comrade K. K. Not the airplay, the one that K. K. Slider sings in the bar. I'm a sucker for emotional ballads among other things, and that song sold me.

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