8 Best Android Themes of 2020 (Android Customization Like a PRO)


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Android is known for its extreme customizations and modifications abilities. A Single Launcher app from Play store can give you a whole new UI and design, even more, you can customize Homescreen, icons, and make your custom theme from scratch.

Customizing your Android with Launcher apps could be time consuming, how about customization your whole Android experience with just one click and with tons of theme to choose from. With Kustom Live Wallpaper (AKA KLWP) app there are a ton of Themes present on the Google Play Store.

And that’s exactly why today I am going to show your 13 KLWP themes that lets you theme your Android device with just a single click.

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  1. Xtream Droid says

    MT Style – Best Android Themes – https://bit.ly/2Z7s3UpMinimalist Experience – Best Android Themes – https://bit.ly/2Z7s3UpOrion – Best Android Themes – https://bit.ly/2Z7s3UpSlide Cards – Best Android Themes – https://bit.ly/2Z7s3UpMinimal Home – Best Android Themes – https://bit.ly/2Z7s3UpSleek Home – Best Android Themes – https://bit.ly/2Z7s3UpFlash – Best Android Themes – https://bit.ly/2Z7s3UpDrylk – Best Android Themes – https://bit.ly/2Z7s3Up

  2. scorzam view's says

    Bro punch hole notification light for resmi note 9 pro max

  3. Aux ClaP Bøy says

    Bro Klwp is lagging Much.. any solution?

  4. Giri Krishnan says

    Congrats for the 150k subscribers

  5. Sudhir Kumar says

    How can i download play stote paid apps for free do anyone knows

  6. evans ebenezer says

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    Plzzz makes video in hindi

  8. GOD says

    Holy fucking shit, this guys editing is amazing. And damn good taste too.

  9. Tayyab Ahmed says

    Please also do a video on zooper widget customization as not everyone go for Klwgt as its requires keys.

  10. Simmranjeet Singh says

    Hello sir make a video on lighting launcher

  11. Amey Gaikar says

    Does it cause phone's battery to drain fast.?

  12. Nikkei Pvck says

    good video bro

  13. Yogesh Sai says

    Bro i have messaged you for promo code in instagram but still you didn't respond

  14. Ekta Khatarkar says

    I loved that sleek home theme… But ? it's paid… How shall I download it for free.. ??

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  16. Balaji says

    Awesome thank you so much ???

  17. Sanjay says

    Nova Launcher Setup – Android Homescreen Customization: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmhv9Cpm3cKaoWzx4bTC2Xs0idSRmN2qZ

  18. SHAKTIMAN says

    Please make free movie apps with multi audio support! Need Netflix Free app!

  19. Aminul Islam says

    These themes drains battery too much ? I have only 3070 mAh, should i try these themes?

  20. Angelic Quest says

    When will you make a video about Free Audiobook Apps….

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  22. Welvin Jandayan says

    Can someone make a tutorial on how to set up this nice themes? Im really having a hard time setting up, the same with the video..btw nice video XD!!thanks

  23. Sudhansu Barik says

    Superb explained ..and great collection of themes ..my personal favourite is mt style by masaoka??

  24. Game High says

    U always provides best videos on apps then any other youtubers and by the way congratulations for 150k?

  25. Mouli Venky says

    I tried klwp themes on k20 pro last week. Able to apply themes. But not working

  26. TECHY DJ says

    Congratulations for 150k ??????????

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