8 Budget Tips to Travel Europe on $30/Day


Europe is NOT as expensive as people make it seem to be!!!

I’ve spent more than 1 year of my life in Europe, visiting every single country on the continent, and I promise you it’s not as expensive as you think… Traveling around Europe can EASILY be done on $30/day, as long as you prioritize your expenses. No more excuses!

Anyone else agree with me?

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  1. Nafis Fuad says

    Why you don't make long duration videos?

  2. aoun ezzeddine says

    I just had an english test and your video was our listening task
    Fuck you !!

  3. Undisputed AC says

    You don't realize you destroyed our lives

  4. Jemila Gulston says

    Drew for real full water bottles in public places no way i aint doing that

  5. Kiddo Beatrix says

    I just love the starting intro..about spending so much on steak dinner and then complaining about having no money

  6. Hakan Karaduman says

    Food is definitely important. Spend most on the food

  7. Mukesh Nihalani says

    Hello bro thanks for your suggestion video it's really good. I want to plan trip with my family to Europe can you please help me for cheapest cities in Europe
    Hear is my mail mukesh.nihalani12081980@gmail.com

  8. Jakob Lust says

    You are the very first person I've heard say anything positive about flixbus

  9. Maria Șincari says

    Dude….imma leave my home

  10. KILLING GAMER says

    Drink tap water???!

  11. mike_wyd says

    2:11 no thanks

  12. Kushagra Pal says

    I am so excited😍. Thanks brew for those amazing tips finally I can fulfill my dream of travelling all across europe with worrying about budget. Love from India🇮🇳❤.

  13. Frank Hutton says

    There's no fluff here, just great objective advice

  14. shwe moe Oo says

    Which country should we visit? Germany or England?

  15. I'm a robloxfan says

    Wasn't it cool in latvia

  16. Maaz Zafar says

    Drew: I spent 7000 dollars on tickets
    Also Drew: Don't give up on traveling and how to spend 30 dollars a day video comes up😂

  17. Digital Nomad's Life says

    NIce one 🙂

  18. Bilal the GAMING says

    London is hella expensive like underground or something
    1- Must get Oyster card if you travel for +2 days
    2- Avoid going to expensive restaurant, go to cheap restaurant in London suburbs
    3- Take Thameslink instead of southern or Gatwick express if you want to go to Brighton
    4- preferably go to cheap grocery instead in central London
    5- Walk if 2 underground station is near you

  19. Ilia Tekeng says

    I wrote a 20 page book on ways I traveled on a budget with free accommodation, cheap transportation, and cheap/free food during my travels. I've been traveling 3 years and saved a lot! https://payhip.com/IliaTekengBookSeries

  20. Nithya S says

    finland is my favourite country in europe because the only place in europe has reindeers and huskies so drew have you ever visited finland please answer this question i am a fan of you i watch almost all of your videos even if i watch it over it over and over again i will never get bored of your videos hope you received this message

  21. Diogo Silva says

    I bet he is european like me otherwise we wouldn’t be saying travelling to Europe can be cheap , those cheap airlines can’t travel overseas e.g North America

  22. Zach Cushing-murray says

    If I'm not mistaken I spotted a Charles Schwab debit card, which is great because they're are no foreign transaction fees, and all ATM fees are refunded at the end of the month. Best debit card for travel if you're an American. Also have had great experience with their customer service

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