8 Hidden Android Settings You Should Change Right Now!


Android users, this video is for you. 8 hidden, cool Android settings that you should be changing right away and trust me, these settings, tricks and features are something you haven’t seen before (at least we hope you haven’t).

The video includes Android settings from MIUI, RealmeUI, OneUI, as well as OxygenOS.

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  1. Beebom says

    What's up Notification Squad! Vintage Beebom is back. Which is your favorite hidden Android setting from the list? 😇

  2. IronBoy Gaming says

    Aur bhai log kya hal hai

  3. Menang lemba Amri says

    You should name the device too…cause I searched for the LIVE CAPTION on my realme6 😁😁🤘

  4. Kyle MJ says

    Hello thanks for sharing.

  5. Bantu Laal says

    খুব ভালো ভিডিও बहुत अच्छा वीडियो बनाया है awesome video.


    Can i have one of your phones.. i just want to give it to my sister ..she want phone but we dont have money😢

  7. G Dilip says

    I lyk the call pop up option

  8. vaseem ahmed says

    No hiddem settings for oxygen Os ?

  9. Hrutik Mhatre says

    In Xiaomi phones there's no option of sensors off tile ……

  10. Vishal Chaudhary says

    but why we turn off all the sensors….😂😂😂lol it doesn't make any sense

  11. Mahfuz Arian says

    Sensors off doesnt work on one ui 2.0

  12. Suraj Walii says

    It starts at 1:30 thank me later

  13. Sidharth Sankar says

    That -1 screen is missing in the redmi note 8 pro😫😫😫


    Dude… I know more hidden features than you… Ugh


    It's not there in miui 12, anyone having it on miui?

  16. Banrick says

    As of right now i kinda dont see the use of nearby share cause we got bluetooth ang wifi direct already

  17. Kalunga Tips says

    Voice is like Sushant Singh Rajput

  18. Kush Naurawat says

    That calling while using apps is in miui from atleast a year back… So that nothing new

  19. Sensors off is not available on MIUI 😌

  20. Duane Amos Tuazon says

    Your accent is really nice

  21. Moab's Washpot says

    You need to be more specific what setting work with what phones, I cannot find Process Manager on my Xiami Redmi Note 8 Pro, And if i go to apps instead there is no freeze option, So watching this was a waste of time for me.

  22. Rosti Nogray says

    Thanks for the info

  23. Rashid Khan says

    – 1 screen option isnt available on my redmi k20 pro

  24. explore it kush says

    I have disabled my Bros phones sensors and he is gone mad 😂🤣..

  25. BlooLace says

    What about color OS?

  26. DGokil Gaming21 says

    Nice bro, nice content and nice video 👍 Btw, is the live caption feature also in Realme UI? If so, where are the features located? Plz reply 🙏☺️

  27. HarsH S PateL says

    There is no -1 screen available in redminote 7 pro miui12 version…

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