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  1. TimBhoy67 says

    He's crap season martial is better

  2. jo 7 says

    bad review his dribbling is responsive and yeah obviously its up to your preference what chemistry to put him as

  3. Armaan Zabihi says

    Awesome vid, can he play RAM?

  4. David Martin says

    I want to see you doing more tactic videos on fifa 21

  5. Dexter Borsje - Dexter’s Design says

    Do we get something in fifa 21 for this card?

  6. Stubby Short Mouth says

    Watched the Buffon Review Yesterday, loved it! Got his card, didn’t regret it. Subscribing because your reviews are incredible.

  7. LG gaming says

    he is a a fraud

  8. Flabes1992 says

    Am I wrong or is there no Fut 21 bonus with the Werner Challenge?

  9. Tobias Hejlskov Christensen says

    99 sprint speed 99 acceleration.Don't neccesarily need to improve that🤣

  10. Jojo says

    I tried him as a CAM and he was quite good.I play him with Sniper too and he is a beast.

  11. tonggor hutautuk squad santuy says

    Plss give away coint i need coint

  12. 13guns says

    Personally think EA in UT, should give every attacker 4* WF. I don't buy 3* unless it Def. Just makes the game better and people teams better.

  13. spademode says

    I’m using Leroy sane for the objective but his goals don’t register for scoring 10 goals with a German player.

  14. Ali Hussain says

    Give artist for passing and dribbling

  15. R Z says

    Would engine still be the best bc of the +10 for balance? Ik the pace boost is wasted but balance was pretty much the biggest flaw abt this card everything else is good enough right?

  16. Howard Leung says

    You can give Artist…

  17. General Enzo says

    I do t care what anybody says but today is the best day of my life all because ea released that incredible gg Buffon card he is one of my favorite players of all time

  18. Adrian Lopez says

    Summer heat Bernardo or Salah totssf

  19. Kes Y says

    The mkbhd of Fifa

  20. jeffrey apau says

    Red pick 99 Lewandowski and 90+ guaranteed with TOTY CR7 but I'm definitely gonna do this Objectives. I hope EA gives a Kai Harvertz SBC with a 5 🌟 WF to make it an icing on the cake.

  21. Ehtashaam Ahmed says

    Him or reus tots?

  22. morenofrank002 says

    FIFA 20 7:00 AM: Uploads a Timo Werner Premium SB Challenge CardInception 7:05 AM: Hey guys Inception here and today we are going to review the new Timo Werner card…

  23. dgonzalez 3658 says

    What are his camera settings

  24. Jacob McPhsx says

    Inception here. sorry for the delay.

  25. Krishna Chaitanya Sripada says

    Struggling to complete this objective.

  26. Nando says

    Him or Rodrigo?

  27. GGTX Jaka says

    can you please stop saying dont need to necessary improve it when he already HAS PERFECT pace, it realy bothers me, thanks. Huge fan tho 🙂

  28. Dk-Blackeveil says

    Him or halland tots?

  29. cheick bara says

    is 80 curve good for finess shots?

  30. Caner Bayar says

    I would use Guardian chem because of his aggression and get back ball quickly

  31. Ariel Sharabany says

    Werner or Harry Kane?

  32. Akhdan Farhan Abinda says

    Werner totssf or this werner ??

  33. Based D says

    Does he feel nimble or light for left stick dribbling

  34. Jaime Zelada says

    Wtf so fast?

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