A Beginner's Guide to Water Cooling Your Computer


I used to think a truly high performance computer meant lots of fans and lots of noise. Then I discovered water cooling. If you really want to overclock your PC and push it to the brink of its power, water cooling is the best way to make that happen, while keeping the entire thing whisper quiet.

Check out the full guide here:

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  1. Amirul Haziq says

    bro in watching this in 2020

  2. Andromedia Z says

    i changed my mind its too much work imma stick with air cooler?


    What is the price of this built pls say ne

  4. viral garg says

    Tatti video mat banaya kar

  5. Aoreum says

    Is the bathroom tube fine for this?

  6. Mizter FreakShow says

    My 1st water cooled CPU!https://youtu.be/S8B3g5fzV0g

  7. Maximoff says

    It's almost 8 years and I still can't afford this

  8. swati rao says

    can u pls give link for water cooler

  9. Ryan Jhi says

    might want to tighten the fitting before you mount the cooling blocks on the cpu. avoid putting stress on the board

  10. Oi Shirley says

    What a fucking amazing video. Short and sweet and right to the point.

  11. Abdou says

    I been using this antifreeze since 2002 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BYFGS84 i first started with a socket 478 than QX9650 than i74960x it seems to last for ever and does not corrode anything its not pre-mixed (diluted) with water like other brands.

  12. sanchit netke says


  13. FTW T says

    OPS!!! don't use toilet paper

  14. NCG_BlueSimps says

    @Lifehacker, Can you have air cooling and water cooling all at once?

  15. Hunter M says

    Who’s watching this is 2020 where 2080ti now exists

  16. Max Aiello says

    I should just line the inside of my computer with plastic and then fill it up with water and make a fish tank.

  17. Kima Xeo says

    i can afford this but the maintenance is so troublesome…i scare i cant mantle thembackif i dismantle my desktop

  18. JAHomeRenos says

    Actually if you want color just use normal food coloring. It won't gunk up and it's safe, and you can make a very wide variety of colors to suit your theme.

  19. NASA limbu says

    Lok ko colck ko safe hu na tari ka

  20. D.K.G.ADERRALL says

    wait so can you use the h100i for the radiator and fans cause i already have one of those

  21. Tristan Benadera says

    Bruh y am i Watching This Even tho i cant Afford anything

  22. Brandon Rucker says

    Hahaha, watching this during the pandemic.. "Just wipe off your old thermal paste with some isopropyl alochol and some toilet paper." Who would have thought those would be two of the hardest things to find in the whole world?

  23. F3ARM3 says

    Why is my poor ass here?

  24. Παύλος Μαυρούδας says

    Your pc is nuclear reactor??

  25. Mighty Jesus says

    Can i use car coolant instead of water?

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