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  1. Zaayan Hasan says


    President was george washington

  2. Kadengoatyt 1 says

    Diner do u have kids

  3. Aiden Dorsett says

    My whole game: dude your hacking

    Dimer game: hey just good

    Me * le sniff*

  4. Iogicen Doo says

    Why you switch games I wanna see some FF

  5. Sheilla Haruo says

    Hello dimer if theres another next video can i join your game?

  6. PanTheMan says

    i intercepted u dream come true

  7. Razer says

    I guess this comment got 100 likes 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. Crombee says

    The only thing that would make this game different and better is having the kicker do kick offs/onsides

  9. preston Is fat says

    when he said “proc is that a dime” i felt that

  10. Lucas Perez says

    Damn bruh. This sh’t made me sad. 😔

  11. DanielUziVert says

    Wheres softable?

  12. Dawit Berhanu says

    I think you the best wr

  13. Ricky Drops says

    Hello everyone i make montages on this game if you would like to check me out id appreciate it

  14. coolcesar says

    2:20 dang

  15. Zay_WaveZ says

    300Th coment plz reply

  16. John Wick says

    I spammed the hashtags xd

  17. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  18. Ethan Arancio says

    Wut that game I can’t find it

  19. shaun williams says


  20. Elijah Gurschke says

    I was in ur game today my name was gamer_elijah2010 but i dont think u were rec.

  21. TinyGnome says

    I haven’t watched y’all in like a year-

  22. Maxwell Waritay says

    I hope the creator of that game watches the video and is fixing it hit box to big the boosting to high

  23. Devin Harris says

    THATS A DIME plz bring it back lol

  24. Diego Martinez says

    i like to spam XD

  25. Diego Martinez says

    also i made ur 145k sub today

  26. Diego Martinez says

    Dimer i love ur vids keep up great work i subed and always spam click the like button! keep up great work

  27. Itz Jake says

    Legend says if you say a youtubers name 3 times they will ❤️ your comment

    I hope this works 🙂

  28. Helo it me su tat says


  29. Helo it me su tat says

    about time dimer find out and play this

  30. Jonathan Abbey-Quaye says

    🇺🇸 USA: 🏈 superbowl for the win
    RoTW: best sport ever⚽️⚽️⚽️✅
    And wat is a dime

  31. Keep the content coming 🙏🎬

  32. K_Z Elite says

    So dimer your a packer fan

  33. Inferno says

    The 1% dimer sees this can i play with u ima good wr and qb if want to add me my name is : Jon2_xcz

  34. Jared Sanderson says

    play mossed

  35. Make more WR only challenges

  36. camden plays says

    I'm sorry but football fusion is better!

  37. CRMobJack says

    what’s the name of the intro song?

  38. DoggingTurtle says

    So you watch tommyinit

  39. Moreen Kallop says

    2:22 imagine if dimer got it in WHAT A GOD

  40. Ben Budziszewski says

    im shaggyfire40

  41. Ben Budziszewski says

    IM IN A VIDEO!!!!!!

  42. Emmy Dove says

    I saw you in arsenal when you banned a hacker. Username: NeverlastHydra

  43. sauce savant says

    I played that game

  44. Nya Evans says

    Keep it up dimer I’m A HUGE FAN

  45. Phil Mias says

    Football Fusion is WAY better

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