A Cambridge Interview: Queens' Computer Science


Find out what a Computer Science interview at Queens’ College is like and learn how to prepare and how to perform well in an Oxbridge interview.

Interviewee: Jake Wright, second year Computer Science student at Queens’

Interviewers: Dr Andrew Rice, Director of Studies in Computer Science at Queens’
Dr Dominic Orchard, teaching associate at Queens’ College





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  1. Liang Aidan says

    in the interview other people who also came and screwedup. This will boost my confidentcd

  2. chobeducket says

    Jake managed to pass the initial Cambridge interview, but unfortunately, he did not pass this reenactment and was expelled.

  3. マルアニシュ says

    What is Petr Cech and Edinson Cavani doing??

  4. Dnbray says

    "Walks into an interview" give me 5 mins before we start just need to set up all these cameras

  5. Nips says

    Dr Orchard is my lecturer

  6. Sebastian Lacki says

    I’d be careful with a few of the things said here. First of all, handshakes do have an impact on the final result. A firm handshake makes the interviewer feel like they can trust you more, which ultimately increases your chances of getting in. Asking questions at the end is also important, as it shows that you’re thoughtful, inquisitive, interested and motivated

  7. Taumantis says

    to be honest… I am software engineer for 10 or more years. I have my own apps in multiple stores and I participated in many other – not mine – succesfull and unsuccesful projects… those unsuccessful was done with use of people with "good education" and those succesful with avg or with lack of it. Ergo.. 5 years is waste of time. 2 years of real work case scenario will give you more.

  8. Julius Tee says

    Is it alright if I accidentally swear in the interview?

  9. yingqi says

    Thanks!!! This video really have me confidence!

  10. Jayson Lee says

    wow. Lol well in the US its start now find out later

  11. Monmamen says

    I'm not smart

  12. Robert says

    Just saying there is a much easier way to approach that question. What happens (in a right triangle) when you shift your acute angle form large to small? You will see that the opposite side goes to zero and the other sides stay at one: soh, cah, toa … sine = opp/hyp = 0/1 = 0 and cos = adj/hyp = 1/1 = 1.

  13. James Anthony says

    Smile clickbait

  14. Nautilus1972 says

    ASking a computer science student to graph Sin[x] is ridiculous. Absolute balderdash. This has NOTHING to do with computer science. I'm a Comp sci graduate, any maths required for a program you're designing can be researched. This is a maths or Engineering interview.

  15. reinplat says

    Shouldn't he have given him a triggor warning?

  16. Ian Park says

    this looks like literal hell

  17. zdenko sapina says

    damn those guys are from numberphile xD

  18. yikes likes says

    These are 7th grade stuff wtf

  19. Finlay Hutchinson says

    I hope they ask me questions like this doesnt seem too hard

  20. Gar Sm says

    Computer science? What a load of bollocks. And loads of those myths about interviews are true. They might throw you a rugby ball.

  21. Ezra Fairclough says

    Posh wanker

  22. david witte says

    I have interview with Harvard University in a few months… i'm so nervous…

  23. Unbearable Suffering says

    Why do you need trigonometry for computer science?

  24. Synn Fusion says

    Hey I can draw a sketch of sin(x)!

  25. Gary Simmons says

    The fuck these fuckers on aboot?

  26. x iLeon says

    lol, the trig question had me going back to school

  27. Mahmud Shabab says

    Well you look like the male version of Billie Eillish!

  28. Ghost Dog says

    I find it amusing the YouTube algorithm thinks I should apply to Cambridge.

  29. oswoq okedwwew says

    Why admission? Are you not paying taxes to enter? Public university should be accessible to everyone. Not just to a few spoiled people with money rolling out from their ass. Fucking Anglo-Saxon system. Fuck Cambridge Oxford, fuck UK. GET THE FUCK OUT FROM EU. Reunite with your fucking cousins of US. Nobody wants you. Fucking stinking English. Bye bye.

  30. Valery Lavrov says

    I studied enough and have had good to outstanding grades. And now I feel that I wasted my time my money on the knowledge/skill that I not even need nor I would ever use it (and what worst I forgetting things that I not using everyday basis). I will rather be dumb and happy than smart and never get satisfaction no matter what.

  31. knicol46 says

    University is there to keep others in a job.

  32. Nitish Kumar says


  33. Mandy Khoo says

    Oxbridge is now officially brainless in specific subjects…especially humanities/ politics / and politised science. They get it wrong and rely on foreign cream ( brain and or money fees) and private school quick steppers ( plus the odd outrider who escaped from the state education system). A bunch of in breds destroying the country …….huge problems going no where.

  34. abrar shaikh says


  35. ritesh gole says

    Jee advance aspirant: hold my beer

  36. Anton Zhitomirsky says

    Had a Cambridge interview at Trinity college for Computer Science, be aware, that in my experience, there was no personal chit chat about my personal statement or anything of the sort. Because I had done the CSAT exam (which only a few colleges do) they went straight into going through the maths that I did there for 40 minutes, and then let me go.

  37. davit qavtaridze says

    cambridge diploma aint pay you money

  38. Lewis72 says

    I didn't go to Cambridge but the most difficult interview I've had was for Rolls-Royce PLC (Aero Engines).Questions like:"Now, I know that you don't know the internal workings of an aero engine but here a technical drawing of one. Tell me what's going on."

  39. Andrew C says

    I can't believe this. I recall my girlfriend at the time when I was applying for universities in 1984 had an interview at Balliol College Oxford and it was for psychology. She told me that she went into this room and there were 5-6 top professors lined up. It worked on the basis that one would ask a question, then as soon as you answer that, another one would think of a harder question and then another. So you had 5-6 Oxford professor brains against your own, and they work out how much you can take. When I went for an interview at Manchester I was applying for physics and was asked some maths questions, but they were A level. One was on complex numbers and the other was to calculate a geostationary satellite orbit. The question about sine, cosine and triangles is clearly O level maths. So is this for real? Has Cambridge become a polytechnic?

  40. God Is In The Details says

    I would have gotten into Cambridge if I'd had youtube back when I was at school….at least that's what I'm going to tell the kids

  41. Snazzie says

    Cambridge offers Masters in gender studies. Yeah… not so prestigious.

  42. Yasss 10 says

    No offense man but initially I thought that he asked some of his friends to reproduce the interview experience :)) those interviewers genuinely have very young faces 🙂

  43. Chief Whip says

    i have no interest in computer science, nor am i going to Cambridge. why am i here?

  44. prakhars962 says

    They are nice. They are not freaking the student.

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