A closer look at Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.


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  1. Flame Mane says

    My question is how much will it cost?

  2. kubuspuchatek19833 says

    I think the screen is way too large… Shrink it a little bit

  3. Bozo The Clown says

    Boy: "But Mom I wanna Switch!"Mom: "You already have a Switch at home"Switch at home:

  4. Otakuman Henshin says

    Ooohhhh… I feel young again..I miss my pops. He'll definitely get this for himself as well. See you in Nintendo Heaven Papa 🤗

  5. steveothehulk says

    Imagin if you can hack it and add all the game and watch games to it

  6. debleb says

    I hope they make more of these!!!

  7. BcMLp E says

    How much will this be

  8. Gosha Yarkov says

    Very cool

  9. Puzzle Ibmthi says

    "Another goddamn port!"

  10. Cookieman565 says

    anyone notice at the 00:20 mark the flashing square at the bottom of the screen? what's that about?

  11. Daniel Powers says

    How many versions of SMB do we need?

  12. Matt Hew says

    Lmao… Why?

  13. J says

    Why does the US trailer show the Ball game and our version doesn’t?

  14. Elijah Loff says

    I’m upset, there’s no kickstand on the back like the original does, they said it acts as a CLOCK

  15. Vasto Lordé says

    How much is it gonna be?

  16. mikusz 3 says

    Wait, Game & Watch? Does it still exist?

  17. zenn22 says

    how many you gonna make? 5? 10? gonna be §500 on ebay as usual

  18. Spot Anjo3 says

    Useless and no thanks! Nintendo waste my time and my money for THIS?! A classic version and now they want to sell this again with colour and NES version ? NAH!

  19. GTK474 - The %&$# Geek says

    How the people hold the system is a homage to the adverts for Game & Watch in Japan.

  20. John Sells says

    Americans: There's a 13th month?

  21. Hunter X says

    I'd be more than happy to buy one of these if it hadn't already run out of stock long before this video was uploaded.

  22. Alex Lock says

    I really want it but its £50

  23. LCG says

    i hope people try to run emulators on this

  24. MM Vlogs says

    Finally, I was gonna buy this no matter what so this is great to see

  25. DasAlex says


  26. Double says

    This would have been cool in 2005, but now we can get emulation console for 30 euros with better specs.

  27. Dakin295 says

    If you look at the top at 0:35 I think you can see a power button that wasn’t on the originals.

  28. Ewan French says

    How much is it?

  29. Dragovski Verkovic says

    Too bas people are already scalping this.

  30. BN’s Railway Videos says

    I preordered!

  31. Bad_Robot says

    Sold out tho! On the website it says 1 per customer but yet look on Ebay and people are taking pre-orders for them 2x to 3x the price. 😥 I just want one for a Christmas gift to lift a friends spirits. He and his brother used to have these as a kid every Christmas and share them. It would make a lovely gift.

  32. SR GARMADON says

    What does 13/11/2020 mean

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