1. KnowledgeHub says

    Yes I did intentionally shave my head into strips of hair. I'm a fashion trendsetter.

  2. Toxic T says

    So basically you hate hey Arnold

  3. Chris Ray says

    Check out the classic Adult Swim cartoon Home Movies.

  4. jack punkington says

    first off awesome video second i love that end song!

  5. Samuel Jenkins says

    Please tell me theirs a a full version of the ending song

  6. Diego Hernandez says

    I love your style you just gained a subscriber.

  7. The Question we all asked. what did he watch before hey Arnold

  8. MissSeaShell says

    I'm gonna go eat some mushrooms, I'll be back

  9. splycer172 says

    Okay so Hey Arnold is actually a memetic Keter-Class SCP

  10. Hairo Aguilera says

    Wilford Brimley?

  11. Jasmine Gallagher says

    I have been wondering where Goofy's Morale Lesson was in your videos. I just found out xD

  12. j lc says

    The only bit I remember from the show was the Russian saying "I'm hungry, make me a sandwich". I still find that line funny.

  13. Etheral Skies_ says

    Could we get an intellectual's look on CatDog?

  14. Eli Egbert says

    1:32 is that actually what he looks liek?

  15. Alejandro Rodolfo Mendez says

    You could put hey Arnold in any frame of time and it would no difference, the place look like NY but it was suburbia

  16. Compound Computers says

    What is that song at the end?

  17. Brandon says

    That bit about everyone moving to the city to cause the inevitable doom of society all thanks to Hey Arnold was one of the funniest things I've seen in a video for a while.

  18. The Spanish Inquisition says


  19. The Spanish Inquisition says

    You never expected me

  20. Wiebe Engelen says

    3:21, was that a jojo's reference?

  21. Squintsy Adams says

    Oh man. The first 2 minutes in I thought you were about to admit you're just a boonie livin racist.

  22. J.D.Simple says

    "Knowledge" Hub is best hub

  23. Manuel González says

    Hadn't realized that even he sees the damage by silently screaming at us at the end: "KNOWLEDGE" hub

  24. Angus Robson says

    I was beginning to think this was a ‘normal’ episode, I’m glad I was wrong

  25. F R says


  26. joebob3719 says

    Tyler, you should look into Socialism. You'll probably like it.

  27. Ragoons GG says

    Oh ok I get it now

  28. Hank Hill says

    Hey buddy, you alright?

  29. Wawagirl17 says

    I couldn't share this fast enough.


  30. Strawberry Grunge Cake says

    I want to know that song at the end

  31. Zach Soma says

    You have accomplished the atmosphere of Hey Arnold, this video plays in the background of whatever I'm doing at least once a day

  32. Bombi Draws says

    I'm scared

  33. Hamza F says

    An intellectual look at Good Troop, maybe?

  34. BaasinGears says

    I need to know what the songs in the video are

  35. I guess so YT says


  36. JKlolMRtemp says

    I was wondering if the inevitable conclusion of your downward economic spiral tangent would result in a Judge Dredd future. I'm glad you took us there. We can't appreciate what we have until we realize how far we can fall.

  37. CamelPants says

    When I see Tyler I see a being that is not of this mortal universe. I firmly believe that knowledge hub is my religion.

  38. Ilkka Rautio says

    People move to big cities for cheaper & better drugs. + 24/7 scoring hours. I love drugs, done them for 12 years and ill stop when i die. 😌😌👍❤️

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