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Football is the biggest show in the world. No event paralyzes the planet like the World Cup final. The United States has the Super Bowl, India and Pakistan go crazy for a cricket match but, in the end, it’s football that unites a Nigerian with an Argentinian and a Brazilian with a German.

And why are we talking about football on VISUALPOLITIK? Because, as you can imagine, football is also political… and influences the economy. After all, television stations spend a fortune on the broadcast rights for football matches.

There are many interests at stake and governments are frequently among them For example in Spain, where in 1997 the Government passed a law that required teams to broadcast the best match of each week on free-to-air on television.

But all this has changed in recent years an the question is, could pay-tv platforms disappear? How can they fight emerging services like the proposed Premflix? What political implications could this whole thing have? Today we are going to answer these questions.

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  1. Stats Nation says

    Football is also politics

  2. closgah says

    I really enjoy the information. I would have liked to see more images during the historical reference part of the video – Uruguay segment, Italy world cup, and so on. The generic football images used just took away from the information. The information once again was great.

  3. YeeSoest says

    I wanted to mock the very idea of electing a football executive as President. Then I remebered I am german and Jürgen Klopp is, too. I'd vote THE LIVING SHIT outta that guy if I could! Oh, he's unqualified? Yeah, but HE knows that and will ask smart people for help. That already beats Trump by a landslide and the bar set by Merkel isn't unachievably high for a reasonable leader with some luck and THAT SMILE !

  4. Fido Lost says

    I was hoping the gist of this video would reveal just how boring sports watching really was. And that how when packaged by itself, viewership would be non-existent. I am not interested in sports and I will never be interested in sports.

  5. Jm Veras says

    why are there no videos about Brazil? our rotten republic was founded on a military coup and since 1889 it has already collected 6 constitutions, several currencies, president's suicide, dictatorships, more military coups, imprisoned ex-president, impeatchment after impeatchment and now a complete madman in the presidential seat. Come on, there's no shortage of it.

  6. Dhairya Gala says

    did he just say, having money doesn't gaurantee success. Just look at Manchester United?? LOL, that's how you kow the person speaking doesn't much about football, and whoever wrote this is a scouser

  7. D Man says

    Yes this a good idea, it should cost about the same as Netflix to attract more subscribers, Many people don't get sky TV because it's not value for money so they probably lose 99 out of 100 buyers, Maybe charge per league, subscribe to premier league, Spain, Italy, champions league, or you could pay to view 1 clubs matches in all competitions…etc , maybe pay an extra $5 per league subscription, Maybe you could even watch a game on a VR headset via a 360 degree web camera or cameras placed at various vantage points. Make it work with cast the same as Netflix, You could do replays and weekly highlights shows too, something like soccer am from sky TV

  8. BRS says


  9. turagrong says

    But only in America 🙂

  10. Caz Penal says

    These selfish idiots will destroy their fanbase in 2 generations because kids don't have access to the game anymore if their parents aren't into football, idiots! ??

  11. Vijay R. Chandra says

    It's football and not soccer.. stopping renaming!!

  12. Vijay R. Chandra says

    Dislike for not calling it football.

  13. Kandros66 says

    Hmmm the sun is not a source i would use as evidence. From watching your videos you are clearly a bright individual, hence my further confusion at the use of the Sun 'newspaper'. Other than that great video as always ?

  14. Vegas Milgauss says

    Poster boy for ‘guardian reader’.

  15. Ayub Masud says

    FIFA and dictatorships ??

  16. Vitumbiku Ngwira says

    I'd love this but the data charges would be crazy plus the govt of Malawi charges vat on Internet and overcharges income tax to broadband providers even though IT infrastructure leads to economies of scale.

  17. Terrence The Elder says

    I've been hoping for it for a while now ….we need to only get what we want not a bunch of stupid channels airing nonsense ?

  18. Jeremy lucky says

    When he said a Nigerian with an Argentinian I was just thinking about the last two world cup fixtures. The two countries keep meeting. I won't be surprised if their meet the next world cup

  19. bader alqamish says

    Love this channel. Great content

  20. Rui Gonçalves says

    4:51 I'll pretend you said prime minister instead of president, out of respect for your channel

  21. FABI P says

    Ball over there, ball over here, ball over there, ball over here, and so on through the infinity, boring.

  22. Akbar Yuldoshev says

    I'm paying already $5 a month to watch AC Milan matches on ESPN+. This is on-demand content they also give some bullshit like UFC and others which I've never watched.

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