1. Daniel Thomas Smith says

    is the full length of this available anywhere to buy?

  2. jazivuvkorobke says

    does somebody knows,what music is playing here?

  3. John Callaghan says

    Don't use Diane Pernet, looking through it. I noticed 'comme Garçons' and linked with the 1980's A cause des garçons' (French song, look it up)…

  4. Page 3 Fashion says

    supper cool

  5. Sam Milletti says

    Beautiful. The shot with the hair blowing around in reverse is stunning and the music is subtle but intriguing at the same time. Thumbs up for this video.

  6. Efren Avila says

    Gorgeous……very very haute!
    MADISON thing

  7. czar2rodolfo says


  8. sedecim says

    I follow this women every day. Without her life would be plain.
    please make more films.

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