A Winning Start for Lampard's Chelsea | Brighton vs Chelsea 1-3 | Tactical Analysis by Nouman


In today’s video, I’ve tried to analyze yesterday’s Premier League game between Chelsea and Brighton which Chelsea won by 3-1
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  1. Shrenik Shah says

    Can you analyze declan rice next nouman

  2. RK's Lounge says

    I'd like to see Werner, Giroud, Callum as the front three against Liverpool with Kovacic, Kante and Mount in the midfield.

  3. jeFF Fury says

    Lamps should've used Giroud up front with Timo in this formation, I see what he was trying to do, but I'd rather have the best striker in the world for those situations on the pitch, than RLC, who knows nothing about that role. And Mount with Haverts should be a bit deeper as attacking no.8's, as it's their best position IMO

  4. Mike Helms says

    Thank you

  5. Dahlan Ghozali says

    Duet timo and Giroud

  6. nutriman says

    So most teams would be playing 3 CB's against us now because of Werner lol. Even just Pulisic and Ziyech, would still make most teams play 3 CB's against us too lol, hmmm exciting.

  7. Sylvanus Kwame Dafeamekpor says

    We should play Giroud to win the aerial balls as a target man for us…

  8. AR Odedra says

    Stop using someone's name to gain views. You are not real nouman

  9. abrar mogal says

    @6:28 lol Werner so fast even nouman cant locate him in edits .

  10. abrar mogal says

    Giroud shudve started upfront , Werner at the left flank and cho at right . Havertz at no.10. I guess we r saving it for liverpool .

  11. Kwaku Adu-Yeboah says

    When pulisic plays harvetz will have it easy. Mount disappears, azpilicueta will play instead of james

  12. Kwaku Adu-Yeboah says

    Giroud won't work, loftus cheek should have dropped deep to create a turnover but he didn't , that is why harvetz should have played number 10, there is many solutions to one problem

  13. mbilA .K says

    Hats off for Nouman.Your videos have taught me alot infact everything when it comes to watching and enjoying football.I used to watch big names running on the pitch but now I watch content in players. Thanks so much Nouman.

  14. Zafirul Rahi says

    Full back should not go up. If they stay back, it will help our defence.

  15. Zafirul Rahi says

    T.Warner is like J.Vardy

  16. Zafirul Rahi says

    T.Warner always played with a big target man.

  17. Zafirul Rahi says

    Lampard should have used Giroud.

  18. Dona Sutisna says

    I'm not blaming Ruben because he is not a target man though he has the physicality, not his typical player. Definitely, he blames Lampard for this line-up. ~Nouman and mostly Chelsea fans around the world.

  19. Angar Bati says

    Please lampard don't make kai havertz playing wing

  20. Faktea Chhakchhuak says

    Is this Nouman's second Football Channel?😮😮 If yes, Nouman I hope you reply me!

  21. free thinking says

    Sound like rantman but calmer

  22. Dzingai Gondokondo says

    Let's include Werner and Giroud against loserpool

  23. mrpipps90 says

    Timo and Pulisic are going to be the most frightening pair in the Premiership…

  24. R k says

    Ur great bro nice video.please make video wat u think best formation & best position for Chelsea to play if all players fit.we all Chelsea like ur video.please make the video of Chelsea best eleven & formation

  25. R k says

    james ignoring havertz. havertz was asking for ball so many times . James just ignoring him.havertz raising his hand so many times.why teammates ignoring him.r they doing same thing they did to pulisic last year.r they jealous of havertz.Mauricio Pochettino is beat for us.if lampard fail.i think in team also politicis.is going on.Havertz didn't got to much ball.he was free so many times .but no one give him pass.wat h match again.james just pass the ball back side . instead of passing to havertz?

  26. Jayasuryan Travelogues says


  27. Arthur Wong says

    i know RLC wasn't in his best position, a target man, but he actually failed to do every task in this game. He barely completed any simple task if not holding the ball.

  28. Khalid Ali says

    Lampard also played numerous players out of position but we move. It's the first game and no let's we have to be our best against Liverpool to have any chance.

  29. Fadil Muhtadin says

    The analysis is on a different level than almost everyone.I thought that ruben didn't know how to implement the tactic because he looked like out of position. Turned out it was Lampard who made it that way.

  30. Yudha Tobing says

    also Mount was clueless

  31. Genti Kryeziu says

    I think what we should do against Liverpool is this : [ 4-2-1-2-1 ]:• 4 》 (Alonso/hopefully Chilwell- Zouma – Rudiger/Christensen/ Silva – James)• 2 》( Kante – Kovacic)• 1》 ( Havertz )• 2 》( Pulisic – Werner )• 1 》( Giroud (better in this formation) / Abraham ).This formation would give Pulisic, Havertz and Werner the opportunity to demonstrate their technique because Giroud would win those battles in the air that RLC couldn't win against Brighton. I think this formation would be a good option, even though it seems kind of funny lol.

  32. SimpSoldier says

    Chelsea pressing and pressing from losing the ball needs to improve

  33. Dunguidi Daniel says

    Giroud is the certain player for play like Target man and i believe if he was on the pitch, Timo Werner or Kai Havertz would do goals.

  34. Omodeboye Mesaiyete says

    IMO Kai Harvey’s would have played better in rlc’s positions

  35. Flex Hope says

    Somebody notify Chelsea Fc about this guy and let this bring him on board with the technical staff

  36. Torta Queso says

    This game was screaming out for Ziyech’s creativity.

  37. Chris Kenne says

    Very good analysis

  38. Gah Lee says

    Good analysis man, I don't see why our LB/RB don't push up high and wide in those situations where we play from the back, stretch the field, make the wing backs push deeper and create a bit more space in the middle.

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