1. Lora Palmer says

    That new cast woman needs to lower back her eyebrows

  2. Michael Thomas says

    Couple suspected of stealing furs from New York Upper East Side stores, 12/1012014.  I don't know why the store chooses to operate without a flesh and blood security guard following customers around.

  3. gb13k says

    Maybe at this moment. But KABC has higher amount of viewers than KNBC and KCBS combined.

  4. Kriston Lewis says

    It's actually 40. Still impressive nonetheless.

  5. Ross Martin says

    Did KABC start using these graphics in 2009?

  6. AA7YA says

    The opening is pretty much shared with the ABC owned and operated stations nationwide.

  7. Old Channel says

    @TaylorMMontgomery no he doesnt. im used to seeing him at abc7

  8. Old Channel says

    @ctmajka i dont think its tht bad.

  9. Taylor Montgomery says

    I can't stand Micah Ohlman, his voice sounds like it came straight out of 1949. and he def doesn't fit in any better at KTLA.

  10. Detroit NewsWATCH says

    Canada gets our NBC wdiv4, abc wxyz7, and fox 2 I live in metro Detroit

  11. gb13k says

    Also interestingly some parts of the Bahamas receive WPTV, which is West Palm Beach's Scripps owned NBC affiliate instead of WTVJ for NBC.

  12. gb13k says

    That is also so with the South Florida stations in the Caribbean and Bahamas. WFOR and WTVJ both serve as the CBS and NBC stations in those areas…however since ABC has no O&O here…WABC is the station those areas get.

  13. Taylor Montgomery says

    Micah is now at KTLA… I don't think he fits in there.

  14. gb13k says

    @papilon86 That is only true in LA, in NY, they wont turn on LA stations. Also KABC has one of the highest ratings per capita in its market than any other station in the country… IE they have a higher percentage of viewers watching them in that market than almost any station in the country.

  15. Ethan Huang says

    do you stay up late?

  16. papilon86 says

    Vlad, the reason why KABC and WABC have similar openings is because they are sister stations. Same with NBC CBS and FOX from L.A. and New York.

    Both L.A. and New York have the best media and news coverage. Thats why if you have directv, you can watch all 4 stations from both cities nationwide.

  17. InternetKev says

    I've always like Micah Ohlman. Didn't realize though he's the nephew of Paul Moyer. Ugh!

  18. chocolatemuffin21 says

    Totally agreed.

  19. hookem2003 says

    i can't stand micah ohlman.

    i know he is the nephew of paul moyer but his actions and tone are just like him.


    Phoenix abc station has better graphics its license tag is knxv

  21. Marquis Posey says

    KABC….the best in the market

  22. Kriston Lewis says

    They have that Hothaus zoom-out effect…

  23. Kriston Lewis says

    WNBC has jumped on the Ratner wagon.
    : (

  24. hikkupf says

    Also, I think it's stupid that ads have black bars to make regular TVs experience "widescreen". You're left with widescreen wasted space afterwards.

  25. Vlad Florestal says

    Yep, he does WABC's announcements. Wow this open is very similar to WABC's open. WABC had definitely inspired them with this open, especially with the Eyewitness News Van. WABC features their newsvan in the beginning of their 11PM open.

  26. hikkupf says

    Yeah, and I think someone associated with Hothaus created the graphics…maybe coming from the KABC art depo itself.

  27. DFWbro says

    FINALLY someone has a recent KABC open! thanks!!

  28. Dan True says

    finally a KABC open!!

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