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This video, created by Nucleus Medical Media, describes the most common types of acne and various treatments to help alleviate symptoms of acne. Illustrated within are the different types and common locations of whiteheads, blackheads, pustules (pimples), and cysts within the skin and hair follicles. Also described are the various causes of acne different types of treatment: benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, and sulfur.


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  1. Sharmila Patwari says

    does exercise has any effect on acne generation?

  2. Gamer Controller says

    i stayed up at 3am and i was watching this and i was like how the fuck did i get here??

  3. Black Mamba says

    I love my pimples. Believe me! they make me confident.

  4. gakki bear says

    these acids help dry it out and all but they scar and make the area dark… make sure to use a moisturizer or sunblock after!

  5. Amelia gush says

    Ok it said where you can get pimples at the start but my sister has them on her butt

  6. ShellySmiles says

    A disease?! Pretty sure it's a skin condition (an irritation of the skin) not a disease lol wtf?!

  7. Karpou says

    its better to hav acne than osteoporosis.

  8. MidnightElf123 says

    wish acne disappeared as quickly as they showed it in the video

  9. Le Avocado says

    I've had acne for 7 years and there is seemingly no way to cure it. I believe its the result of high testosterone during puberty. One I hit 20 and stop have acne I'm going on a testosterone blocker.

  10. goddessOfLove says

    Lol how are you supposed to keep hair from touching your face if you have long ass hair and when it's windy outside

  11. Princess Fridah says

    have read through the comments and it seems like u all dont exprience my suituation, i have alot of scars right now and my pimples cant stop coming its really terrible some timez i wish i could remove my skin and get another one and i have almost done everythng but none works
    i cant even be confident in people

  12. Lonystal says

    so this is what's going on in my face….Body, I am Dissapointed

  13. Surender Bains says

    it not fair some people eat a lot of junk but skin is clear my best friend eat so much junk but her skin is clear it not fair I have ance.

  14. Sadaf Javed says

    i dint know why spironolactone is the least mentioned medication for acne (for women) its great for controlling acne. 25mg twice a day.first you will have breakouts but then ur skin will become clear. it inhibits excess testesterone in body that causes acne.. I wish there was curr for scarring it leaves behind. 🙁

  15. says

    what about acne scars and hereditary acne

  16. Sean Ferrell says

    The person voicing this sounds like the Hyperion announcer.

  17. Lightningstone2u says

    How did this get into my recommended videos?!!!

  18. Mona Babeey says

    oh my gosssh. 😟

  19. Jane Anne Caperida says


  20. Lucario Hero10 says

    Benzoyl Peroxide Is Toxic! Dont use it to cure acne! Use only natural Benzoyl Peroxide is Toxic

  21. kedar kulkarni says

    tell us in hindi

  22. Savvas says

    i think that it's all about hormones and gut..i hear somewhere that candida bacteria in the gut is the real problem…logic say's that you have to work it form inside out,so candida looks more reasonable+hormones..

  23. N says

    I wish there was a cure to acne… it sucks it ruins your life literally if you have actual acne not zits

  24. Brooks Broox says

    Cut out dairy, fried foods, and red meat.

  25. Eva Lizbeth says

    someone help I don't know if someone has the same thing as me but I have like medium sized blackheads like bumpy ones and I have whiteheads and small pimples

  26. Siti Bayu Ramli says

    currently I'm using cetaphil cleanser (oily type) for oily skin for about 1 month .. my face still breaks out but in control , less itchiness and blemishes and amazingly less oily! which means my face didnt obviously shining as always.. and here the tip i would like to share before applying make up to those red acnes… try to wash your face with baking soda, to exfoliate dead or dry skin on that acnes and then wash again with cleanser… you will find the make up wouldnt look cakey..

  27. Forensic says

    How to make your face less oily? Or make sebum to produce lesser. What kind of doctor should I see? Dermatologist?

  28. Brian An says


  29. Destructive Odst says

    why tf do i have it on my back??

  30. Happy Sisters says

    betamethasone cream works very effective. try it.

  31. Mel Dagson Archives Tv says

    It is so difficult to live this skin disease. I hope that in 2017 I will look at this comment, and I will say: "Well it was the belle epoque!" I suffer so much because of acne but good … Let's enjoy our life.

  32. Ashley Govender says

    just watch a few videos of anti-inflammatory foods.

  33. Lisseth G says

    If you have cystic acne you'll need to go to the dermatologist and get oral antibiotics. I've had bad cystic acne and that was the only way to get rid of it.

  34. maria valentina says

    use african black soap to wash your face it helps a lot then you can use any lotion with what they just listed in the video. i'm still a teenager but my acne is a lot better. i just have a lot of scars from me picking on it. 😑

  35. Linn Cardenas says

    im suffering 7yrs already with terrible acne on my chin and perioral dermatitis on my chin!!really losing cofidence…why life is so unfair i tried so many products and derma still nothing helps…

  36. iStolethisVideojustforYou says

    why did Evolution create acne ?…..-_-

  37. xx xx says

    clearasil saved my life twice

  38. Abby Azizi says

    Drink a lot of water, water will clear out the toxins in your body in results clears up skin from the inside

  39. Lauren Ashley says

    What about hair bumps after shaving? Are those cysts or….?

  40. Lucy Sun says

    for all ya'll struggling with acne, try cutting out dairy. i had huge inflammed cystic acne and now i have clear skin. honestly no lie.

  41. B Frost says

    I'm sooo glad I haven't had any pimples. But I had a dream that I had like 5 big ones 😥

  42. Oona Manner says

    i had have pimples and blackheads reallu long time i dont eaven remember when i had clear skin 😫 i just hope that someday it will go away. I have cemicals and they dont really work

  43. Foreva Young says

    OMG! is testosterone produced in females too?????

  44. Foreva Young says

    Can tomatoes b used for salicylic acid n milk for lactic acid? XD

  45. Zakia Lott says

    My doc prescribed me a retinoid cream a few weeks ago that's working wonders! I've had severe face and body acne for 15 years and I'm seeing improvements for the first time in my life.

  46. Sonyta lun says

    At least two pimple a day and it takes a month to go away
    Believe me! There's no way to get rid of that shit and I really hate those who tell the useless ways

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