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  1. New Action Movies Martial Arts 2018 says

    Name the Movie of your choice if you like me to upload for you please ?

  2. David Whilom says

    Ninja assasin

  3. Bob Goodman says

    white subtitles over lots of white background… duhhhh…

  4. dhaba q says

    please select this fist and faith 2

  5. dhaba q says

    what is the title of this movie

  6. Peter House says

    bullshit movie and theme. Chinese killed 86 millions from their own during Mao. They are living in a communist regime. They are now a country of slaves.

  7. Arafath molla says

    Dislikes are maybe because you cheated (Dp was another movie). But you know what, because of that i saw a best movie. Thank you ✌️

  8. Lee Van Hoo says

    PEGASSUS ON THE BRINK or INVICIBLE DRAGON. Zhang jin's movies please !!!

  9. agos firman says

    filem kog gk pernah cocok sama judulnya. males lihat youtube

  10. BOP LAKS says

    kung fu hustle

  11. maria pineda says

    excellent movie jul 18 2019

  12. louislifn 93 says

    john wick 3

  13. Gobin Rai says

    Upload all rambo movies pls

  14. 4KTrue gamer says

    Cool best get

  15. Michael Brown says


  16. CottonWaxfire Wood says

    Glad I knew it was listinon productions to sue. Bic

  17. Sami Be says


  18. Md Sayeed says

    name of a movie

  19. Dizon olemberio says


  20. JOHNSON YT says

    can you give me the title

  21. Thizzy Marv says

    The Raid 2

  22. Kung Fu Master J L S says

    Very good movie

  23. Bevelo Bebeto says


  24. محمود عباس says

    What is the name of this film please

  25. Bibiana LUCAS says


  26. Gadapick VEVO says


  27. Jaideep Gill says

    Nice move

  28. Barakka Collins says

    I got a question

  29. Samantha Washington says

    Ninja 3 Domination

  30. Keamogetse Ndaba says


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