1. City Explorer Africa says

    Reign of Fire ? Christian Bale

  2. Althea's death Haraise says

    The best thank you very much for posting ?

  3. The Tourist says

    always dark, too dark after 10 minutes just dropped off, make a horror during the day, and not always in a cellar, cave, attic or forest is a bit of the past we live in 2020

  4. Luffaman says

    it is still a good movie. negativism died with the dinosaurs.

  5. Azhar says


  6. Jean Thompson says

    fukkin asshole

  7. william mclay says

    very poor copying,,, get a LIFE Dumass.

  8. David Prince says

    This is Reign of fire. It's not a martial arts movie. 100% clickbait!

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