1. Legens Kombat says

    List of Best Action movies for guys : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89TmU96-OQw&list=PLpWggdrBUYZsQFWXhhD00GzgjSUjgHO_c&index=2&t=0s

  2. Kevin Thomas says


  3. Peter Petrou says

    I was 96 years old when this film come out now I'm dead funny how time flies by you

  4. Warry Musaffir says

    U know i love u bebby but i not in ur level.


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  6. KittsKreations Origami Owl Canada says

    best movie ever

  7. Sarahmae Elesterio says

    Its a nice movie,frndship its never end till the end…?..and the love of his life always remember..!!

  8. Fredy Uriostegui says

    My cousin has COVID and has a daughter I hopeing she can make it for daughter

  9. Joan sasing says


  10. Your Mom says

    My favorite movie of alllll time!!

  11. shiah nash says

    Damn good movie

  12. Abel Chilembo says

    I love this

  13. Lastine Cruz says

    That's not really a good movie. Yes, it is cool but too boring to watch.

  14. Texas Phoenix says

    How in the heck did you get away with posting this? If I posted it I would get a copyright strike.

  15. My Warrior Essence says

    Craftsmen-ship ???? ?????

  16. My Warrior Essence says

    Wow ven is so young

  17. 寿恒 says

    this movie i like

  18. Chipo Malunga says

    Wow …..what a nice movie I enjoyed it thank you

  19. James Cross says

    Man Apart❤️☺️??

  20. Toti Brave says

    Wow what a movies, fecking loved it boy! Thanks Di Ablo ?

  21. Anne Lim says

    Guys lisud kaau mka log in sa netflix ❤️❤️i love movie labina karun panahona?makes you feek not so badly

  22. Xin Move says

    The best movie https://youtu.be/x2wEaV3Yko4

  23. Xin Move says


  24. theon918 says

    I really like how Hard In The Yard Ent has #thought-provoking content

  25. Valera Schuenemann says

    Sweet thank you

  26. Sulmaria Sylvester says


  27. تيفا ياسر says


  28. bok cobi says

    A perfect relaxing movie

  29. Big_Slong_Dong says

    I’m too poor to pay for Netflix gang.(movie is good btw)

  30. james bond says


  31. swabrinah ahmed says

    Amazing Movie Vin Diesel and Lorence Tye!!! True Brotherhood, lovely twist, Diablo had to get his right hand guy killed but didn't want to do it himself. He said, "only God can forgive you, I cannot" Vin, that mini gun tho?

  32. Henny Thang says


  33. Junaidi Junaidi says

    Buat sub indo ny donk

  34. Romy Malou Doria says

    ko kikmo hhi yuh tv

  35. anime BEST says

    nice movies

  36. Yung Will 4300 says

    A Man Apart

  37. Din Mad says


  38. Francis Serenas says

    d best

  39. Jose Herrera says

    Great movie good plot and really excellent ending liked very much

  40. Adriqn Sibanda says

    Nice movie

  41. patrick venditti says


  42. erol oktay says

    love it thanks fellow earthling

  43. Michaela Blake says


  44. kayla ludovic says

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  45. Lissette laahley says


  46. Rasta Somali 189 says


  47. Nelson G says

    whats the name of the movie

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