1. World of Self-Defense says

    Nice martial arts moves. But not realistic in some way.

  2. R E V - X says

    What movie is on the thumbnail?

  3. oh damn its that guy says

    Definitely as bad as some of the movies I have seen.

  4. Manuel Amaral says

    I like it

  5. Twinkle William says

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  6. aldrink aldrin says


  7. Falaniko Robertson says

    Movie now days are boring

  8. Lordy Kabutey says

    Nice movie ………and please what's the movie name???????

  9. Jimmy pop says

    i think he played as lu kain in mortal combat no? he was just younger then ?

  10. jerick guiyadan says


  11. MDjoko Prijatno says

    Tolong dong film barat yg bener terbaru sub indonesia fullApa lagi2 lagu baratnya yg terbaru … Walau enak namun jga yg riang dan janngan jgn itu2 aja

  12. shaxboz solijonov says

    good movie

  13. Murugan Anbu says

    Movie name

  14. Kung Fu Master J L S says


  15. Yose Hutabarat says

    This is beginners movie and aslo the actors

  16. Khamidah Khamidah says

    Not nice

  17. David Cesar says

    Like this

  18. yacine joker says

    Good story but bad combat tournage

  19. Desriani maun Deshy says


  20. Khmer USA says

    Good movie ?

  21. Saleem Deen says

    So wow

  22. Dex TV Compilation says

    Puta ampangit

  23. CristoSaves says

    The acting is so bad like a lot of the Filipino movies.

  24. SOLDADOTV77 says

    What’s the main actors name??

  25. Ardi Muzi Studio says

    this movie is look lke 30 years ago…not feeling enough

  26. Gilbert Florendo says

    Acting was not good.

  27. aklesh prajapati says

    does have any name of this movie?

  28. Patrick Dawson says

    ?? I got such positive feedback about the panels 1:05 ? ??????

  29. Jim legacy says

    Definitely a B movie! Just enough entertainment to kill an hour!

  30. Kayeh Htoo says

    what the movies name

  31. Khalid Naseer says

    the fight in this movie doesn't looks real. thats why i dislike this movie

  32. DOOM GHIDORAH says

    Whats the guys name in the thumbnail?

  33. Qudratullah Muradi says

    it is a good movie but I can't say it is a very nice movie why because of that the actor is doesn't have good power he should be a good fighter bud, unfortunately, he doesn't know-how fight or how to show how can he fight. by the way, it is deserved to watch.

  34. Def Ketch says

    vann is waiting, your next movie from his fans from all over the world

  35. Def Ketch says

    although, vann, was witness, you dears were calling some times by numbers, which vann ,reply you, : give you let to count me by numers, but you can't give number to vann, cos is sea

  36. Def Ketch says

    thank you for movie, for all of my fans from every colors , in this movie, some fans thought, lost blueG, they wanted to come back from this one blueG, vann give good news, which don't be concern for vann, youfans, all you have vann, only should add this point, which vann does not color, blue is race ,which is race of my name; vann; blue sea

  37. wow onad says

    comedy actors in a corny action is to weird

  38. New York says

    Good movie…Thankyou! =)

  39. Bikash Darji says


  40. Gerald Dagohoy says

    Support parin tayo dapat guys… Dahil gawang pinoy… Naghahasa pa ang mga pinoy sa galing… Di nmn tayo kasing galing ng mga dayuhan sa pag eedit ng mga movies…

  41. World Infos says

    just for kids

  42. john Kelly says

    Terrible movie. And buddy that said fights were OK. Your high. So lame. Terrible everything. Beautiful wife though. Wow. AND you take her out. What a waste

  43. Marian Balino says

    Storyline goodFighting choreography okActing bad. Maybe this is the reason why there's no comment. Anyway thank you for uploading. Story's good , although the ending was predictable, I patiently watched it.

  44. Athan_Balong Corpuz says

    Haha Ang sabungan naging boxing ring.. Daw tuod ged ba.. ?

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