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Join 56th Parallel for Russian and Siberian Adventure Tours and be one of the first to discover adventure travel’s final frontier. Be awed by the untamed beauty of one of the most remote and fascinating destinations on earth. Travel to a place where you are nature’s guest and the opportunities for adventure are endless. Travel to Russia and Siberia with 56th Parallel and discover the undiscovered.

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About 56th Parallel:
56th Parallel is a Russian Travel Specialist that provides the highest quality tours, adventure experiences and travel services in Russia. We offer destinations all over Russia and Siberia that can be arranged for group tours or can be organised privately. Tours can also be fully tailored to fit whatever need or adventure you desire to have.

We were created by travellers, for travellers who want a unique and enriching experience unlike any other. There was a large gap in the market regarding the knowledge and level of service for tourism in Russia which we sought to fill after travelling there over a number of years. We are based in Sydney, Australia with offices also in the heart of Moscow. If you want more information about the tours and experiences we offer, check out our links below.


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  1. biba0000 says

    beautiful intriguing …..siberia looks like the next place to see…did i see aaron on a horse with his 5 finger??? and on a cart? 😉

  2. shyla trade says

    I love Russia

  3. Skarmaks says

    It looks great 🙂 What is the song used in the clip btw ?

  4. akadem7 says

    Слишком быстрая смена кадров. Неприятно смотреть с похмелья. Укачивает.

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