Adam Devours 2 Chicago Style Dishes: The Italian Beef Sandwich And Deep Dish Pizza | Man V Food


If you go to Chicago, you have to try the Italian beef sandwich and the deep dish pizza. Adam visits the windy city to find the best restaurants that serve these Chicago style dishes.

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  1. Nikosis says

    I'm from Chicago and in my opinion Chicago style pizza is DISGUSTING!!! Never understood how people love eating just Sauce and Bread

  2. Chester A Benton Jr says

    I Love Chicago enough to say this everyone has their own Favorite Place to get their Italian Beef! You ask 10 people you might get 10 different answers!

  3. Banderascubsfan 31 says

    True Chicagoans hate deep dish. It's for tourists and people from the suburbs.

  4. 8/10 was an inside job says

    3:03 the owner's hand is on the roll3:18 Dip's the roll he just had in his hand back where the food isLet's hope he didn't just scratch his balls before filming

  5. Γιώργος Γιαννακόπουλος says

    Why the fuck would you ever soak the bread! Its bloody soggy, it looks like a freaking wet towel. And that thing they called pizza, it might be good or whatever, i don't know, but by GOD it is not PIZZA.

  6. Moy Castro says

    Dude's face in the back after a failed joke 2:03

  7. tucci3tears says

    Deep dish is not real chicago style pizza. Yeah I said it and I stand by it.

  8. drew t says

    You DEFINITELY need to have your Italian Beef dipped and Italian stance must always be used during eating.

  9. drew t says

    Every minute of every day I would eat the worst Italian Beef in Chicago before I'd even consider eating the best cheesesteak that Philly has available. Jay's Italian Beef… NORTHSIDE!!!

  10. Beau Gavigan says

    Now I'm incredibly hungry, lol.

  11. Andrew Sternburg says

    Ginos East is the worst deep dish in Chicago. Lou Malnatis is king of the deep dish pizza

  12. El Dios says

    Glizzy gobbler

  13. Etb Etb says

    The fine slice also means you can use cheap but tasty cuts & not have people hating on the toughness.

  14. First Last says

    Hands down the worst pizza style ever invited

  15. keep it greasy 96 says

    So happy I’m from Chicago we got the best food

  16. wastin time says

    Where's his gloves

  17. Krystofer Hernandez says

    I live in Chicago and go to school (UIC) next to this place and honestly it’s not good ..very cheap quality meat and just aweful ..dirty and not good this show but the truth of the matter is that this places food is not good ..go to portillos for a better Italian beef

  18. Teresa Kinney says

    How about some mozz or provolone on that sangwhich.

  19. Jim 83 says

    That beef sandwich looked awesome, throw a tonne of jalapeños on there and I’d eat that every day

  20. Okerzaki says

    I got heart failure just by looking at this.

  21. J A says

    Idky they show ALs beef its overrated i live in Chicago born and raised 35yrs old and the best beef is chickies,Tonys on pulaski and johnnys on north ave!

  22. Gabriel Afonso says

    This is not Italian…..idk wtf this is

  23. Golovkin says

    That shit looks delicious

  24. Moo Moo Puppy says

    I had my first one tonight and its not a sandwich I'd fight over. I only ate half of it. I still prefer a Reuben. I love deep dish. We have a chain called Patxi's here in Norcal.

  25. eboni corpening says

    That sandwich isn’t the only thing that’s moist ????❤️

  26. Kenny Hill says

    He's right.. All meat.. If you smother everything in cheese,, you taste cheese.. All meat ?

  27. BUDS: The Animated Series says

    Gino's East, in the 90's was the shit. 20-25 years later they have definitely lost something. All us Chicago-to-Los Angeles transplants were highly anticipating the Gino's East L.A. opening… It's God awful. I was expecting them to send out a professional pie maker to get the place going for like 6 months to a year, instead it's like they just hired people off Craigslist and gave them a 1 hour course on making Chicago pie. They literally have a 2 1/2" crust ring going around the entire pie. You take one bite of a slice and the rest is all dough. That's not how a real deep dish is supposed to be. Deep doesn't mean thick or… 2 freaking pounds of dough. Any jagoff can put 2 lbs of dough in a pan.

  28. F1 Rocket Engine says

    Do go to Chicago. Wisconsin can't make an Italian loaf to save it's life…

  29. James Dean says

    Man VS FOOD!

  30. Max says

    al's is not nearly as good as portillos beef, and gino's east is tourist garbage

  31. TheMeridian808 says


  32. U M says

    Why does good food always come with tons of oil and fat and butter ??

  33. Lucas Dobson says

    Awe sucks I driver a transport truck and I can't get to places like this

  34. Tim Lucas says

    Adams such a sexy bear grrrr

  35. Bondo QBN says

    Gross crap.

  36. BIGGSHAUN says

    I picked a fine time to try and lose weight

  37. MrBaiter65 says

    Born and raised in Chicago. Gino's East has the BEST deep dish pizza in the Chicagoland area. Al's has great beefs but try Mr. Beef on Orleans St. It's a toss up.(IMO)

  38. MaharajaXpress Menu says

    Beautiful video !!! Good food!I also create delicious food videos!

  39. tapilaha says

    heart attack on a plate

  40. N O says


  41. Andrew Lozano says


  42. Chris Maisy says

    Is he still alive ?

  43. Pedro Duarte says

    Eita gordinho come bem em Mano

  44. Louie Thompson says

    Looks like pure shit

  45. B Man says

    I had a wet Italian beef sandwich in Chicago once. I liked it but made the mistake of leaving before I took a dump. Luckily I was able to keep it together before the next toilet.

  46. Matt C says

    Food conniseaur here. Tasted this a week ago. Nice roast. Very beef forward. Smokiness was almost non-existent. Earthy and not subtle. Surprised most of our guests. Pleasantly, to the deep relief of my mother in Law's VERY difficult nephew, who is one of the world's finest food conisseurs.

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