1. J.W says

    WOW ! 🙂

  2. ncode03 says

    I play football all my life and this is not easy. If one kid messes up its back to 1. The one in the middle is very good

  3. SRAneedsausername says

    Hahaha not bad

  4. YouthLeagueSoccer says

    Congrats on the epic video!

  5. nick arndt says

    that last guy was clutch.

  6. Sharkonabicycle says

    That's not soccer lol. Someone isn't falling over and screaming at the ref.

  7. Natalino says

    Nasty Nate was here . . .

  8. Joseph Vasquez says

    This is pretty sick!

  9. Jorge Miguel says


  10. HUNTheRealMaDLaB says

    What was the song in the background?

  11. Markrar says

    how many attempts?

  12. CouplesVsCouples says

    almost made the brother hit his head on some cabinets XD

  13. Hubert Applebaum says

    Soccer? That's obviously a #football team.

  14. Average Joe says

    When I played soccer we were allowed to use our hands. The sport has changed so much.

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