Adding Windows Computers to a Windows Server 2012 Domain


Level: Intermediate
Date Created: March 22, 2013
Length of Class: 22:05
Windows Server 2012
Building Your Own Network for a Computer Lab
Introduction to Windows Server 2012
Installing Windows Server 2012
Navigation in Windows Server 2012
Introduction to Active Directory Directory Services Structure in Windows Server 2012
Introduction to Active Directory Infrastructure in Windows Server 2012
Basic DHCP Setup on Windows Server 2012
Introduction to Using DNS Server on Windows Server 2012
Purpose of Class
This class teaches students how to add a Windows 8 Computer to a Windows Server 2012 Domain.
Class Notes
Windows 8 Business Version — Only Business class Windows Operatings Systems can join a Domain (Windows 8 Pro/ Enterprise, Windows 7 Pro/ Ultimate, Windows Vista Business/ Ultimate, XP Pro)
Go to Server Manager — Tools — Active Directory Users and Computers
Verify Client Computer is receiving the DHCP IP Address from the Windows 2012 Server
To add to Domain on Client Computer Go to: Search — System — “Change Settings” — Network ID Wizard

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  1. Aroop Banerji says

    Hi Eli,
    Thank you for this video. I appreciate it that you take the time to explain computer fundamentals in laymen terms. You cut through all the B.S. to help newbies like myself to understand something that felt like it was over my hear.

  2. Ryan Ngweza says

    You are just such a blessing Eli God bless

  3. Pedro Najera says

    Thank you sooo much! Had to change some stuff because Im doing this in VMW Esxi. thanks Sir

  4. Ezzadin Hausawi says

    How to turn off other DHCP in network?
    Can I delete administration PC which I have added?
    Is this thru same AD DS?

  5. Richard Wolfe says

    Excellent tutorial.

  6. odgeUK says

    I had an issue when doing this for the first time, in that I had to put a full-stop at the end of my domain name on the computer, before it would join my Domain. The DNS record does show a full stop at the end of the domain but I'm told that's normal.

  7. Get Jugaad says

    Must watch,recmended for you

  8. 王小毛 says

    Nice video. I followed this guide and finally understand how to join to a domain. However, I still don't understand why it prompts 2 times to enter Administrator credential for joining domain. If the Administrator credential is okay, it shall directly add the computer to the domain. I stuck on here whole day until saw your video.

  9. Zachary Iskender says

    As an alternative to fiddling around in the router settings you can also run ****djoin /PROVISION /MACHINE <MachineName> /SAVEFILE <Filepath> **** in the server's commandline and then go to the client host and join manually.

  10. Madison Jamison says

    Is the process the same with Windows 10 computers for business?

  11. Pure Ice says

    for those who cannot get ur dns suffix, you can try set ur 2008 vm also to bridge, and make sure to configure ur ipv4 to auto

  12. Guillermo M says

    what happens if your are not using virtualbox. Instead you are using hyper V on server manager? (e.g) my DNS Suffix says 'home'

    How can i fix this?

  13. Joe says

    Do I need a CAL for every computer in the domain. Im only using the server for active directory and file sharing

  14. Garcia Computer/Printer says

    I am a 65 yr old self-employed tech working via Field NATIONs, going on 6 yrs. Your conversational style of teaching very cool.

  15. scientist100 says

    I was stuck for at least 2 hours trying to figure out why I can't join the domain. I kept googling and some people had issues related to not typing the domain correctly but in my case, it was simply the damn DNS configuration on the client computer; needed to specify the DNS (the server's static IP address) and as the secondary for google DNS just for kicks (my source:

  16. Dharmendra Puri says

    when I turn off the DHCP server on my router, how can internet work on my other devices?

  17. Pure Ice says

    can i use another windows server 2012?

  18. Simply Tom says

    So the configurations are all done on the client side looks like.

    Assuming the domain controller is all setup on the server side.

    Otherwise, looks fairly straightforward.

  19. aamir khalid says

    Hello Eli , you are teaching in a brilliant way but my client (windows 8 pro) is not pulling the IP from DHCP server(server 2012). i have checked your basic DHCP and DNS server tutorials but still not able to fix it. if you could please explain this point as well then it will be great .

  20. Richie Wang says

    You've broken this down perfectly. Thanks so much

  21. J҉e҉s҉s҉ says

    why is my ipconfig qnd my suffix is empty? i dont understand and idk how will my domain will shiw there

  22. Rameces Magsisi says

    thank you. it works!

  23. rishma chawla says

    Thank you for useful tutorials, I want to access my domain globally as can you please help me how can I do that with windows server 2012 r2.


    Thankyou very much for making our life easier 😄

  25. arun krishna says

    Thanks so much, great explanation.

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