Adriana Sahar Fashion Show SS2020 New York Fashion Week September 2019 Full Show 4K NYFW


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New York Fashion Week Fashion Shows

Adriana Sahar Fashion Show SS2020 New York Fashion Week September 2019 Full Show 4K NYFW

Video shot by Yaers Fashion TV. All rights reserved.

One by Barrows and Sun

Beemer New by Disiac
Music licensed through

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  1. lorrette garcia says

    Tout les mecs en chiens

  2. 2bior no2bi says


  3. Cobb Knobbler says

    Some seriously ugly ass models here. What's next, diversity quotas for brain surgeons?

  4. Nada Al-kanash says


  5. Valvous T_T says

    Who’s the first girl??

  6. Occasional Cortex says

    I came for the fashion like everyone else now I need a smoke.

  7. Young Gook Seo says

    7:29Who’s the girl??

  8. Rs500ybd says

    i nearly puked at the bloke in heels. Wrong.

  9. Sjoerd Dijkstra says

    BLM.need a smoke

  10. Than Phan Van says

    Lol bê đê đâu đây nữa

  11. man bat says

    That sexy guy?

  12. mshahzad pervaiz says

    to watch the CLASS ; Go directly to1….01:01.2….04:11.3….07:21

  13. Miracle Nworah says

    Am speechless?

  14. ThomeTeque says

    0:37 One male model and he's more female than the rest.

  15. Emyr Jons says

    теперь я понял почему люди ходят в это)

  16. leah marie says

    Who is the one in pink with the boa???

  17. Allison Stacy says

    i love tiana parker

  18. عش بحكمة says

    0:35 ???????????????? loooooooooool hahahay

  19. Puji Ji says


  20. babyFiona says

    Omg that guy really wanted attention,,overload to much

  21. urdujans says

    are the shiny dresses waterproof?!

  22. Bilderberg_News says

    @ 0:37 way to much SOY in his diet!!!

  23. Winter Bear says

    I keep seeing the first model but cant find her name. I thought this was it (。•́︿•̀。)

  24. Пауль А says


  25. Liệu Vũ says

    Tat ca moi nguoi Cong Dan tren Toan the gioi, Chung ta moi nguoi cam tren Tay 1 la phieu di bau ,va nug Ho ,Cho omg Tong Thong.(Do Na TRon ) Duoc dac Cu, nhan nhiem ky 2 sap toi ngay (3-11-2020) Chung Ta, moi nguoi bo 1 la phieu Vao thung, ung Ho Cho omg Tong Thong. Do Na TRon. Y nghia la, Tiep them 1 suc mamh Cho omg Tong Thong. Do Na TRon. de omg dung tren lap truong, vung vang hon, va oai phong manh liet, uy nguy, doi mat voi me Thu (Trung Quoc) Nhung nguoi Cong Dan Chung ta di Bau, moi nguoi cam tren Tay 1 la phieu Bau, Chang khac gi,moi nguoi Cong Dan Chung ta, Cam tren Tay 1 Vien Dan, ban Vao dau ke Thu (Trung Quoc),voi be lu, Tay sai, Cua Chung no (Tap Can Binh). Lieu Vu. TP. Ho CHi MiNH. Tan Binh. 16 -7-2020.

  26. Пауль А says

    Вот это суперрррр?????

  27. AK 4o says

    The queen ?

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