1. Duarbagori Achatai says

    Can I use it freely

  2. sosly69 says

    $94 haha go f yourself ya tip rat

  3. MissE Writer says

    what editor is this?i mean the video template

  4. Khalil khan bengali Model says

    Sir please tell me how do you make this template can you have any video please tell me ??

  5. Scythal says

    Why is the globe flipped?

  6. 심현우 says


  7. 심현우 says


  8. Infilm After Effects Templates says

    Cool video! I share after effects templates in my channel. Subscribe me 😉

  9. Mohamed El Aaboudi says

    This download links dead bro can you re upload them for me i need this template 🙁

  10. Martin :v says

    if it works on After effects CS4?

  11. SCHMaster73 says

    In any 3D package – 3DS MAX, C4D and etc. 🙂

  12. shermenz says

    Very nice job.
    Around the small orange Earth, there are a few orange rings that spawn at the top and vanish at the bottom.
    I was wondering how that is done?


  13. SCHMaster73 says

    Reamake this template for SonyVegas impossible

  14. Dank Memer says

    Werry Nace

  15. SCHMaster73 says

    two layers in AE – BW continents image and BW continents contour image

  16. Cloud797 says

    How did you make the 3D map?

  17. SCHMaster73 says

    Of course, you can buy this project. Link in the description

  18. Patcharee Somprasert says

    It's so amazinggg. can I get this and edit it to my school project. T___T

  19. Matteo Sbisà says

    Thanks! It is amazing! 🙂

  20. SCHMaster73 says

    Reamake this template for SonyVegas impossible

  21. SCHMaster73 says

    Reamake this template for SonyVegas impossible

  22. SCHMaster73 says


  23. Joey ✌? says

    could make make a sony vegas template for this. I need this for my school news show 😀

  24. André Bertel says

    or a Social media template?

  25. André Bertel says

    I will give you a Disney intro template for that ******* amazing news opener! PLZ!! I dont have enof money to buy it

  26. SCHMaster73 says

    Instructions how to use the AE project included to project archive.
    To learn how to do CG from the beginning a tutorial does not help, unfortunately :). You need to know 3D modeling-animation-rendering, 2D/3D composing, and much more.

  27. Vincent Midland says

    can you make a tutorial/speed art how to make this i wanna realy learn how to make a news intro ect.. it's realy nice when you can make one!

  28. Kem0125 says

    Thanks, I see now. I was using my IPad when I looked at this.

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