1. Orlandini's says

    0:49:52 FLUTTERSHY?? :'D

  2. Antonio Stevens says

    Damn I love RTS games and I want to try this but damn the graphics look horrible.

  3. Sammy Whiteley says

    it's high definition, not graphics, none of the gameplay itself has changed, the rendering, pixel density and some other tweaks have been made to make it compatable with newer machines.

  4. kaksi says

    how are we spoiled by graphics? its a good addition to any games, making it more immersion

  5. Jeremy Nguyen says

    These guys play AOE the same way one would play SimCity

  6. Daniel Doro says

    Mate… you r not much of a player are ya!?

  7. Peter Kogen says

    You can buy cartography in the Market to see your allies.

  8. Fabian Lowyck says

    So Disappointed in the game!!! it looks almost the same

  9. Matus Novosádek says

    how is this HD ? :-O

  10. josephalexrobinson says

    And why can you see where everyone's town hall is?

  11. josephalexrobinson says

    How come one guy got 500/500 pop limit without building houses?

  12. DrPaynes Plays MC says

    Hey I had 31 viewers on my first vid could I get on the minecraft server I'm good friends with pgmining10

  13. dekoboreal says

    Friend you need create villagers like there is no tomorrow.

  14. joey says


  15. joey says

    Cool video ! have the improved the AI at all?

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