Agency (Full Movie – Thriller – 1980)


A mysterious millionaire buys an ad agency and begins to replace its employees with his own people, who don’t appear to be advertising types at all.
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A copywriter begins to suspect that the man isn’t interested in selling products as much as he is in inserting his own sinister political beliefs into the commercials the agency runs on TV in order to subliminally brainwash an unsuspecting public into supporting the causes and candidates he wants them to. When the copywriter confides his suspicions to a friend and soon afterwards is mysteriously killed, his friend begins his own investigation.

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  1. FFV FFV says

    Lewis Furey’s music brings a new dimension and shape to any movie.

  2. Mike Hunt says

    this movie is begging for an HD upgrade, same quality is on Amazon Prime

  3. Arie l says

    A dumb, but enjoyable movie. Lee Majors was actually quite good.

  4. delon a says

    I owned the same car in 1983. Wow same 320i BMW same color. Damn I miss it!

  5. Clipro says

    1:18:50 "why don't you shut your little mouth?" (slaps wise-ass and covers him with the ski hat)
    hahahaha! such a funny scene 

  6. Great movie! Agency

  7. Out every leading man in history Lee Majors is the last guy I would cast in this role. But they had to have a star.

  8. Anton Pictures says
    Robert Mitchum, Lee Majors, Valerie Perrine
    This film suffers from poor execution and is seriously dated, but there are themes about mega-corporations manipulating the democratic process which may appeal to some.
    Look for the commercial for No Sweat deodorant. It's pretty funny.
    Political thriller involving advertising copywriter Philip Morgan (Lee Majors) who discovers the agency he works for, run by Ted Quinn (Robert Mitchum), is using subliminal advertising to manipulate a presidential election.
    FROM IMDb: The plot has the new owners planting subliminal ads in their television commercial for Chocolate Planet, a new kind of cocoa. And it works too, however implausible that seems. They manage to get a Nazi elected senator from Arizona, and Mitchum plans to embed these messages in ads designed for children's products too, capturing the minds of the next generation and, ultimately, putting the right kind of man into the White House — one that will provide the desperately needed "leadership" that Mitchum describes.

  9. isabela Alves says


  10. Lynn Beers says

    Worst movie i've ever seen and acting also. I thought Robert Mitchum was star power and this would be a good movie. Now I know why Lee Majors never "made" it in Hollywood….I admit I couldn't finish the last 30 mins

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