Agricultural Ordinance Will Give Corporates Freedom to Exploit Farmers


Vijoo Krishnan of the All India Kisan Sabha talks about the three new ordinances brought in by the government in the field of agriculture. He explains how these will allow corporates to dictate terms to farmers on the prices for agricultural products. He also talks about the protests building up against these ordinances

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  1. Manmohan Singh says

    Vote to fir bhi sabhi Modi ko daalenge..

  2. AD - ZENYTECH says

    All three Ammended for Jio and Adani group…not for farmers…

  3. Diwakar Mishra says

  4. Diwakar Mishra says

    Just one question , what if in COVID , governemnt doesnt have money ,, what will happen to minimum support , MNrega ,etc. Our labour reforms are such which even rich countries cant afford . Look at this mans house , does this fool believe in distribution of wealth .

  5. Diwakar Mishra says

    1. Please tell me how has APMC helped farmers. APMC only creates political leaders. It has got nothing to do with farming2. When u say that even with MSP announcement government is failing to procure , don't u think private player should play there parts at least they would have the ability to procure and logistic chains for sending the goods wherever they want. This entire Tamasha of Private exploitation is a communist ideology 3. The government should stand its ground and pass these ordinances ASAP . The only one affected with these ordinance would be APMC netas4. When he says that a small farmer wont have power to dictate its terms to the private companies , he must also highlight what power does a small farmer has now. 5. This fraud guy is also against Essential commodities act dillution . To put the matter straight , he wont say that what all things are excluded in Essential COmmodities Act . What is the production of these cerals in India now. Just to put in context , no local buyer wants to buy things in bulk fearing the essential commodities act .6. Its testing time these CPIM vultures will hound and government must go through these reforms . They sould not back out like land reforms in 2014 . $ years are left for election , by that time the benefits of these ordinance would come . It is chineese/communist tactics of stalling growth by making APMC relevant

  6. Mukesh Solanki says

    Don't approve these ordinance it harmfully for farmer and aggiculture needs ###

  7. Sourav Mishra says

    This is the best best agriculture reforms…. Only political parties are instigating the farmers… They have exploited farmers for 70 years….. Now they are being freed….. Communist are the worst mother fuckers always opposing the good decision…. There politics depends on poor people…. The more poor people the communist gain advantage……

  8. Vaishnav morye says

    I think so we need ashok Gulati in this conversation.

  9. Vamsi Ravali says

    Absolutely the speaker had no understanding about the reforms. If APMC law is repealed, the farmer has freedom to sell the produce anywhere. If there are some traders who are offering a price not suitable for farmer, he can go outside APMC and sell it to aggregator or food processor. Earlier the buck was pocketed by trader, now its turn of farmer to pocket it. This is communists speaking to prove their presence.

  10. ਸੰਧੂਰੀ ਰੌਣਕ Sandoori Raunk says

    Good work sir

  11. Chandrashekhar Prabhu says

    Every scheme of this government is nothing but jumla

  12. Good 4You says

    Thanks for providing your views and analysis.

  13. Good 4You says

    No govt in India cares for its farmers that's the plain truth, no questions about it.Even the British rulers did the same ill-treatment to the farmers.

  14. surfinmuso says

    Well done you guys, stay strong. Corporations/government do not care and will take as much as they can. Pure corruption.

  15. Singhal Louis says

    Proved once again.. this Government is the worst, most monstrous Government to ever rule.. disgusting and pathetic

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