[Aion Music Video] 댄스, Dance!


The real clips are from the official Chitty Chitty Bang Bang music video 🙂
….and don’t even TRY reading all the text ! :p BY Nill/Rachelle on New Perento :3

Inspired by the official Ncsoft wondergirls dance video !
A different type of video, dancevid, that I made for fun and to push my limits in Sony Vegas xD! If it’s getting too many hatecomments I’m removing it -.-…

The song is in Korean and is “Chitty Chitty bang Bang” by Lee Hyori! 😀

Source: https://cyrrion.com
Read more all post Video : https://cyrrion.com/video/
  1. Kesa says

    What programme was used to do it? 🙂

  2. Shiora 123 says

    Love it ❤️

  3. Emmy-mon says


  4. Blac says

    I've been keeping up with your videos for years now and I really think you should do more like this one. I mean it is amazing, not that your other videos aren't but this is completely different from the others.. make more!

  5. Bubbaskids says

    how do you do the faint emote

  6. soofsuperspeed says

    great video! nice work 🙂

  7. SternAusMetall says

    btw, how did u cut out the characters? i don't know how to establish a green screen in aion and would love to do stuff like u did in ur video 😀

  8. SternAusMetall says

    wow… just wow.. i'm using sony vegas as well.. but i'm still a noob when i'm watching ur vid… great!!

  9. Salkina says

    oh yeah clockwork

  10. Kathy Smith says

    awesome video^^

  11. xSpaceyx says

    I love this O____O, please consider making a wonder girls MV <333 *subs*

  12. Tin Lam says

    Gotta love this games but too bad about those asmos ambushing out of nothing XD
    I'm on Perento as well 🙂

  13. Katja Berger says

    Damn… why dont we europeans get these beautyfull emotes for dancing & singing too…? Aren't we paying the same money every month as koreans do? *sigh*

    Have I to say, that I love your Vids :)? Wanna see more more and more 😀

  14. Miyana44 says

    awesome… *____* i LOVE it !!

  15. Adri0o says

    one of the best music videos I've seen so far :3

  16. EpicCookies says

    @MaksstPL Chroma keying IS greenscreening -.-… You have to pick the colour to remove yourself xD<3

  17. MaksstPL says

    Btw. Can I know where did you found greenscreen for chroma keyer? 😛

  18. MaksstPL says


  19. EpicCookies says

    @HonestMonstaa Did you have a seizure?:P

  20. EpicCookies says

    @ChronisOfTheTwilight Only Sony Vegas rofl XD thanks tho:P

  21. ChronisOfTheTwilight says

    Wow. Let's see if I can list of the programs you used: Sony Vegas 9.0/Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop. Going from personal experience since thats what I use for my editing. looks like a lot of Chroma Keying and masking. Though I thought I saw more Keying than masking. Love your vids. keep it up XD

  22. Anna O says

    By the way I have Vegas and know how to use most basic functions, but wouldn't mind some help. Can you sometime make a short video sample on Vegas special effects? Thanks in advance.

  23. EpicCookies says

    @silhouetted321 Best idea ever ! 😛

  24. Anna O says

    They should add Caramelldansen and make it strictly NA/EU 😛

  25. [KNFr] Rhetoric says

    How did you get those Korean dance emotes?

  26. EpicCookies says

    @CynnLaBelle Fraps 3.0^-^

  27. Gabriel Lindberg says

    i so wanna do my own dance video now :___:

  28. EpicCookies says

    @katiaprotectorGW In the store :p ?

  29. EpicCookies says

    @enquil87 Probaly not :S I dont know why NCsoft in EU/NA don't implement those dances ! >:( Maybe it's some copyright issue idk xD they're really sweet tho xD

  30. Shang Ya GMV says

    WOOOOOW =口=!!!!!!

  31. DimmerMeerkat says

    Yay! Fun watching this all complete. I'm honored that I got the early preview. ^.~

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