Airline Pilot Breaks Down Airplane Scenes from Movies | GQ


Commercial airline pilot Viktor Fors breaks down airplane scenes from movies, including ‘Argo,’ ‘Flight,’ ‘Catch Me If You Can,’ ‘Snakes on a Plane,’ ‘Sully,’ ‘Airplane’ and ‘United 93.’

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Airline Pilot Breaks Down Airplane Scenes from Movies | GQ

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  1. Ken Khan says


  2. ItzRaptor says

    Well, Airplane is supposed to make fun of everyone so it’s not supposed to be realistic

  3. Roland Flagg says

    Why wouldn't you always want the most gas possible to expect the unexpected? Plus does your gas prices vary on a daily basis like its more expensive weekend vs weekday?

  4. Anne Marie says

    A plane is communicating more then my boyfriend could ever do ??‍♀️

  5. violamateo says

    Wait….he''s never seen "Airplane"?!

  6. Jorgeyy Boyy says

    He doesnt look like a pilot

  7. encycl07pedia says

    Whoever wrote the captions for this is an idiot.

  8. David Navratil says

    Very interesting

  9. fearsome says

    He looks like Leonard I do caprio

  10. Михаил Сажин says

    I understood everything. This video really improved my english. Thanks a lot.

  11. The Ryon Show says

    I was born the day he landed that plane on the water

  12. Yasir Sultan says

    What he has not seen “Airplane” movies ??A real pilot have seen “Airplane” movies ?

  13. pkirchner84 says

    How has he never seen Airplane!? Top Gun and Airplane are 100% per-requisites for this industry.

  14. Adam Nixdorf says

    Is there a video on what passengers should do if both the pilot and copilot are unconscious or anything like that? It’d be interesting.

  15. Carol Tremblay says

    45:55 Unfortunately, new rules of locking down the cabin to prevent invasion have participated in the tragedy of GermanWings in 2015…

  16. Mike S says

    faraday cage, not whatever he said.

  17. jmitterii2 says

    Flight crew has ultimate decision on fuel… nope, it's 50/50 with dispatch and pilots.Disputes are handled with a flight chief. But I don't imagine many dispatchers hesitate adding 15 min or even 45 min more fuel. Unless the it's impractical for some reason.

  18. England's Last Patriot says

    The whole point of Catch me if you can was that he had no clue how to be a pilot, he wasn’t portrayed to be an accurate pilot. Also the jump seat is normal for that period.

  19. Greg says

    I thought the regulations changed after too many suicidal pilots, now you must have at least 2 people in the cockpit at all times? Pilot plus a flight crew member

  20. Gnaneswar Veeramachaneni says

    You should definitely see Airplane. It's comedic gold!

  21. Tommy Sheerin says

    why did i watch this whole thing? i dont knowbut i did

  22. xoMehh says

    None of the pilots in my airline look like this. Sigh..

  23. N N says

    7500. Review needed. Nice movie

  24. Quack Addict says

    Snakes on a Plane is classic cinema.

  25. Maddieo Bevian says

    I wish Gravity Falls had more seasons, it was such a great show that didn't last long

  26. codez says

    Me: Oh that scene was filmed very wellhim : Totally unrealisticMe: Unrealistic, dissapointed

  27. Cream says

    dude the snakes on a plane one jump scared me

  28. David B says

    This was so enjoyable and informative. Well done!

  29. Henrique Oliveira says

    26:33 To be fair, he was all coked up

  30. Matthew Shaw says

    I cannot believe you actually did a serious break down of airplane the film is literally known for its incredible exaggeration and it’s humour. But it was good. You should really watch the film but don’t take it seriously ?

  31. Orbital Potato says

    What happened to 250 kts below 10000 ft?

  32. arleitiss says

    Easily one of the best breakdowns so far. Great guy.

  33. mzk1 says

    It would be interesting to review some of the original Twilight Zone episodes. Also he should do the Airport films that Airplane is parodying.

  34. mzk1 says

    The one thing that bothered me in Sully was that the crew kept on yelling "Brace" withotu explaining what that meant. If I had been a passenger…. (He seems to imply that they had explained it but it was not shown.)

  35. Cam TheGoat says

    A320s don’t have whoop whoop before the pull up call out

  36. RandomEffects says

    Next up: Serial killer reviews murder scenes

  37. Dex says

    Cant stop staring at his hair, such a weird style.

  38. Zsolt Máté says

    First pilot I see that didn't watch "Airplane" (yet)

  39. Rafi Barides says

    He looks like brad mondo

  40. Robert Boehm says

    Watch the films before you act as a critic. You are also mistaken on about 10% of what you are saying. You will get better with experience and age… You are bold to be the "expert" when pilots of 50+ years are watching.

  41. TJ 22 says

    I think Soul Plane was one of the most accurate airplane movies tbh ??‍♂️

  42. Jon Dunmore says

    34:52 — I don't think anyone told our boy that AIRPLANE is a comedy!

  43. Mark Read Pickens says

    I was surprised to hear "stewardesses" rather than "flight attendants."

  44. flower_ girl says

    The guy talking is kinda looks like tom hanks. Like younger version or it could be his son

  45. MrOhnouhoh says

    I bet Viktor only flys Cessna's

  46. Ryan Cohen says

    I like to imagine 2 pilots doing Rock Paper Scissors and then one of them losing and holding a grudge for the rest of the day.

  47. Admiral Snackbar says

    Watched united 93 once, cant watch it again.Straight in the feels.

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