AJS News- Dragon Age 4, Kojima Horror Game?, Xbox GamePass, FF7 Remake Part 2, Next-Gen $70 Pricing!


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The AJS News Crew discusses Dragon Age 4 Development, Kojima’s potential new horror game, Xbox GamePass, FF7 Remake Part II, and Next-Gen’s $70 Pricing!?

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  1. Pharmacy Brain says

    Wow. Just wow. That opening ad. This is why I watch this channel.

  2. The Joe Cobra Youtube Channel says

    Finnnnally Joe is starting to understand how amazing Game Pass is. it's a no brainer for gamers.

  3. Michael Bradley says

    Joe you're the fucking man. You say you're going to do better and you do. This is why I come back to you're channel everyday. Keep up the good work.

  4. Buddha Mack says

    So why not sell the Xbox as a loss leader, make it cheap, but to get the cheap console you have to subscribe to the game pass service for like 3 to 4 years or something. They get your money and you get access to games and a way to play them.Gillette has done that for decades and made so much money, even though their shave technology from the 1950's is far superior.

  5. Bdomi2 01 says

    I will praise xbox game pass when they fix their half ass program.

  6. sterny joseph says

    Love these guys..lol

  7. DjDravax says

    Kind of lost my interest in Hideo Kojima after his walking simulator, but if he does make a horror game I hope it'll be good and won't include carrying luggage around the world.

  8. Juan Enriquez says

    Hey what happened to the Fat white guy!? I don’t see hem any more on the videos!

  9. Charles Kendrick says

    4K, HDR, 60 fps, ray tracing, on my 60 inch screen all for $500. That’s why ! Duh ? I Have a $2,000 pc and it still can’t pull that off. ???

  10. Mr Yousif says

    Xbox GamePass is $10 for xbox not $15, and it's $5 for pc (first month $1)

  11. Cory Billadeau says

    Joe's a dick he just validate cutting people off in conversation… I'm just kidding. Lol

  12. TGM says

    Also potential negative for Xbox Game Pass. What stops third party games from pulling from it and going for steam instead? From a developer standpoint of game pass. This might mean third parties prioritizing PC, switch or PS5

  13. Norek Olivas says

    Fun fact, over here in mexico there are no regulations for pricing videogames and consoles, baught a mexican version of the last of us 2 at launch, paid about 95 usd with the conversion already made, the base disc, not special edition, that one is over 100 usd.

  14. Shane Stewart says

    I played starwars cant say much but ?

  15. Amos Oliver says

    I drank mine can l have more

  16. Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman says

    No one's gonna mention that Itou Junji is a famous horror manga artist?

  17. Jason Murillo says

    “I’m trying to be positive, it’s just not working.”- Alex speaking for all of humanity.

  18. Sion says

    no matter how good xbox gamepass is…. There are no games i want to play! so it is worthlessi could be 1 buck a month but why spend it when you get nothing for it

  19. gelul12 says

    Dragon age is dead as a franchise

  20. Trump Sucks-balls says

    What’s up with his teeth? Apart from being false that is?

  21. RevanZala says

    All I want from Microsoft is for my digital X-Box games to be available on PC. Either through the Windows Store or some kind of crossplay functionality. I've pretty much quit using my X-Box One ever since I got my laptop, but I still have some good games stuck on the X-Box I want to keep playing. For instance, Microsoft gave me the best bargain for Jedi Fallen Order at launch, but now it's on a piece of hardware that rarely gets turned on. It wasn't like Cuphead where you buy it digitally and it's available on all Microsoft platforms.

  22. Michael Huffman says

    Id be excited about the Xbox Game Pass…..if I didnt already own most of the games available on it on PS4.

  23. Matt says

    I know I won't like Dragon Age 4. I didn't really like Inquisition or Andromeda because it felt like I was playing a single player version of Star Wars The Old Republic and not Dragon Age Origin or the original Mass Effect games. I'm sure others will enjoy DA 4 but I will wait to see reviews, streams and game-play before I buy another Bioware game.

  24. Jonas King says

    Remember when GGGManLives went to see Anthem as a "Gamechanger," and reported back just how great Anthem was? Heh. He lost so much respect for that one.

  25. TotallyToonsTV says

    Naked Bath Joe is so hot it's more illegal than super meth.

  26. Christian leontsinis says

    Play garbage and old games on xbox

  27. Awiral Grover says

    Man, I been watching your content since last 2 years…soon as I start earning comfortably I'll support y'all on Patreon.Just keep up with your awesome work❤️❤️

  28. Andrew Morales says

    For me its always been about owning the game which is why i will always get the disc. Rather than download. I love owning games phyiscally and collecting them. Which is why i do not like game pass. But i am in the minority. Id rather take the drive to gamestop or order from amazon and get it. Rather than download the game.

  29. KaiserShep says

    That “live service” shit makes me super paranoid. I don’t want always online shitting all over my Dragon Age.

  30. Jason Kenesky says

    Pitfalls of game pass will be pricing. $15 per month will eventually be $50 per month. Give it time.

  31. Jason Kenesky says

    Thank you Joe for letting the others speak without interruption. It is better content when we can listen to all opinions and views.

  32. Lone Wolf says

    "Your shirt is safe" Joe 2020

  33. Lone Wolf says

    Dude hell yeah Joe. Don't have to worry about the vid length we all having fun watching. I dig the long news vids just as much as the long game reviews. Keep up the good work.

  34. Veggie Gamer says

    Joe's eyes waiting to see when he can start talking without interrupting is kind of adorable XD

  35. Just Moody says

    Oh no another Kojima game …

  36. Emil J. Monie says

    But Playstation already has this and have had it for years with PS Plus no? You get two games every month completely free, solid games like The Surge(s), CoD WWII, Horizon, Deus Ex Human Revolution etc

  37. wv11989 says

    I was playing some xbox games on my phone in the garden and it cost me nothing because I already have a phone an a controller stadia is done

  38. Fujina says

    Joe, add Contents, which minute which topic. thx. because now I seek comment with such stuff 🙂

  39. Danial Parsa says

    Game Pass is the best thing that Microsoft came up with in a decade , I love it

  40. d k says

    Junji Ito might help Kojima but they arent working together on the game… good cos am sure Kojima would fuck up Ito's vision and wouldnt be able to resist kojimaing it too much…

  41. Sandhi Wistara says

    I want at least Front mission 6 or Remake of 3 or 5

  42. Captain Titforce says

    Xbox game pass for 15 dollars? You could get 1/10th of a Valorant weapon skin with that money!

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