ALBANIA ??Food & First Impressions | Tirana Food Tour & Travel Vlog


Welcome to Albania! In our first vlog we explore Tirana with Albanian Food Tours to taste some local cuisine and share…⬇ More Below ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

We can tell you off the bat, Albania is absolutely epic! Before we chat about the country, in our first vlog we take a food tour in Tirana to get a feel for Albanian cuisine and to get situated in Tirana itself. Check out Albanian Food Tours here, and say hi to Linda from us and that you watched this video! 

Albanian cuisine is pretty unique, clearly delicious as well, taking inspiration from a lot of similar known balkan tastes but with it’s own special twists. As you’ll see in the video, we really enjoyed all the food we tried and Albanian Food Tours actually took us to more places than we showed – in one video there’s only so many meals you can share! The video probably only covers half of the full Tirana tour typically on offer, as I mentioned at the end of this vlog.

In terms of the country – Albania is seriously underrated and very, very cool. We’ve got 5 more videos to come from our travel in Albania to prove it to you! In the meantime, have a read of our travel guide to Tirana here —

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Hey, we’re Dane & Stacey! Full-time travellers, digital nomads, publishers and content creators from New Zealand. In between our bigger adventures we sometimes mix things up and slow travel — renting an apartment to spend longer exploring a city, sharing local life and going deeper into cultures and experiences. We’d love for you to follow along and subscribe here — 

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  1. Daneger and Stacey says

    How cool is Albania?! Is this what you expected?? Check out our travel guide to Tirana here —► We travel the world non stop and you can as well! Learn how now:

  2. Kevin Holland says

    How was the internet speeds? Too slow to upload youtube videos?

  3. I Amsterdam says

    i can say only one thing this country is dope as fuck , if you want some real fun you should visit and is cheap as fuck

  4. Keko Keko says

    In the minute 9:34 you past over the most old place in albania that makes a tradicional food qofte is like the most yummy thing in the worlds

  5. Analbanian Woman says

    We Analbanians are poor so we stole all these foods

  6. Gorky VI Kornelius says

    Be careful from the Albanian charm. Its a doubled knife. 😉 Im an Albanian BTW! We are above all survivors, its very important to understand. Anyway Im glad you liked it, I wish Albanians treat each other like they treat foreigners. Its a matter of time, till they get where they were. 500 years of Islamic invasion and 50 of the worst North Korean type of regime in EU have left their scars. So thank you for your videos your are making a wholle nation find themselves again.

  7. El Albanés says

    oh that white horse ?

  8. Jovuer Comue says

    Albanie is a shit country ????

  9. Amy Marjani says

    HAHAHA I'm dying he did no like the vall

  10. MIK Albania says

    Love how you transmit the feelings of the experiences you had. Thanks for showing that to the world. Awesome.

  11. Mr.America Joe says

    Albania look like south Italy ?

  12. Kaiser1914 says

    Albania. The capital city of Mercedes-Benz.

  13. BIG GIRL says


  14. Albi tirona says

    Im from albania and i know the place very well and I recomand you to go again in albania whith e better guide

  15. #Alba #Skillz says

    Love you

  16. Rayan Arslani says

    From Kosovo ?? ??

  17. Pro Shooter says

    Kosovo is serbia -spaniarf

  18. Inspiry says

    Love your channel, guys! Simple and so cool!

  19. klr vlr says

    omg they have a Duff brewery

  20. M Videos says

    Greetings from Turkey brothers ?

  21. Eko Aji Wahyudin says

    Artsy city

  22. Ajkuna Aki ARMY I love BTS says

    Who doesn’t love Albania? Thank you for the video and appreciate Albania as a country??❤️??

  23. Selvije Osmani says

    a em from albania a love kush usht shqiptor

  24. Ervini Swim says

    France, turkey, russia, england are the countries that Albanians will never forgive. The fact that Albanians are divided into 4 states is because they divided Albanian lands.

  25. Audio Studio Gimi Computer says

    Albania @ Kosova the best 2020

  26. Bulqiza Foto Video says

    Thank you very much for visiting Albania you've got amazing videos I love it thank you guys?????????

  27. alt10n1 says

    I’m from Tirana and the beaches are really beautiful.

  28. Roberto Manglaviti says

    Sono stato in Albania la prima volta nel 1998 per lavoro…poi nel 2005 per ben 6 mesi…e sono rimasto innamorato di questo splendido paese.Il calore della gente..le loro tradizioni…i loro valori dati dalla cultura di questo popolo..meraviglioso.

  29. The Illyrians Are Coming Back says


  30. Sammy Hamawi says

    I met an albanian on the shakira youtube channel

  31. Sammy Hamawi says

    Albania cops 90 on youtube

  32. Sammy Hamawi says

    Karl wolf ft super sako

  33. Visit Albania says

    Welcome to Albania ??❤

  34. I'm only a human being says

    lately a video about the country of Albania always appears, I am very interested in visiting albania ?, Beutifull country, I hope i can to visit this country one day ?, Greeting From, Sengkang, Shout sulawesi Province, Indonesia ?? I love Albania ??

  35. Fman1292 says

    Albanian culture is built on respecting your guests and hospitality towards them. The wrong image is always portrayed of albanians in movies being mafia etc which is just kind of a false narrative of modern albania. visit the citys of vlore tirana saranda youll see they are beautiful cities saranda albania is a a small miami vlore just a tropical mountain side beach area great. If you go to albania and they find out you arent albanian get ready for people to want to show you everything from there culture to heritage to popular areas when we albanians see people visit our country as tourist we arent snobs we want to show you our country our food and culture our way of life without intruding or being obstructive of yours 50% of albanian citizens if they find out your a forigener will all the sudden become a personal tour guide fascinated that you came to visit here and eager to show you their albania. Everything in Albania is organic 🙂

  36. ginger says

    Unfortunately Albania gets characterized as crime-infested in many movies and so this is a nice view into normal life.

  37. ginger says

    Really amazing travel show. Thanks.

  38. Zamira Xhemali says

    I'm from Albania = Shqipetar

  39. Andrian Dedvukaj says

    2019:Albanian people are so nice 2020:angry protesters againts Edi Rama

  40. Matt Shipley says

    I cant wait to visit Albania soon, also kosovo and north macedonia!Is there any places in particular that I should visit? Looks stunning

  41. Idipmycoochieinfishbowl says

    WHEN I SAW THAT DAMN PYRAMID I SWEAR I FUCKING CRIED. Bruh my whole entire childhood has just about climbing that pyramid and I remember (sieance I was young) my mom and dad told be not to get to the top because there were gangsters ???, I am so glad you guys visited Albania not may people recognize that place and it’s VERY underrated.Thank you so much for exploring and having me bring back memories!!!

  42. Haxhi Aliaj says

    Albanien Mafia kriminel Korruption 1000%%%%%%%%%

  43. Tomas W says

    I’ve travelled a lot but Albania is the best trip i ever did. It’s a stunning country. Breathtaking mountains, beautiful beaches, gorgeous towns and super friendly people! Unlike any other country i’ve ever visited. Highly recommend this!

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