Albania Travel Guide


An amazing video travel guide about Albania. See its location. Find out about the glorious past and discover the wealthy present. This is about Albanian demography and tells about Tirana cultural heritage and wonderful scenery. And it shows the most important feature – Albania has all the conditions and opportunities for tourists and holiday makers.

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  1. Flight Of Spice Blog says

    to have life and travel non stop? I always talk about this on my blog

  2. Endz Meet Music says

    i dont know much about this country but after watching this travel doco it would be very hard to sell me a ticket for a holiday there because ì feel like I won't get to see and feel the real Albania because it seem to have other countries history and infustracture there which is the main focus of the tourist trail. it feels like abit of what is said here is abit of a lie and an over exaggeration saying it is one of the best cities in Europe. If thats the car how come i havent heard of its capital and i dont no one single person that has been intrested or between there.

  3. eleni pranvera says

    only trash!

  4. Love Jera says

    Shut the fuck up.

  5. ARVANITES GREEKS , worst NIGHTMARE of TURKalbanians says

    nothing is albanian in albania , everything is Greek

  6. Love Jera says

    All monuments are albanian.. I am albanian and i have seen them all.

  7. John Georgiou says

    This looks like greece, all this ancient monuments are greek and in the video he says about the history of albanians. it dosent make sence

  8. In Nomine Cerebri says

    WTF?!? Aber du hast ja slawisch-mazedonischen Ursprung, was hinreichend deine absurden Anmerkungen hier erklärt.

  9. Kingom Republik Makedonia anita schmitt says


  10. Kingom Republik Makedonia anita schmitt says


  11. Anxhelo Gjoni says

    i am form albania all you tourist you have to go to albania

  12. iNet Baho says

    thanx for this great video

  13. zealeau says

    Lol ..half of the video is about ancient Greek monuments .. and Culture…. omg

  14. Lucia Jankovichova says

    This year Ive been visit Albania.

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