1. elrak0 2 says

    alright this settles it, I'm going to brazil.

  2. Justin Watkins says

    Oh and by the way American soccer is great!!! World Cup and the group of death.. Need I say more?

  3. Justin Watkins says

    Have my baby? You rock.

  4. ProMethod2 says

    She's good but all her shots are basically lobs and the goalies are crap

  5. ED Ggg says

    Shit. Defs.. Wish I can play with girls team so I can do more hat tricks 😉

  6. Pompey6911 says

    Omg im in love

  7. JJtheGoat 18 says

    Ronaldinho in girl version

  8. nathan nana says

    your awesome!

  9. GunnersFan Steel says

    Dont get me wrongs shes good , but thats the kind of player that pisses me off , instead of trying all these useless dragbacks and kick ups just fucking pass

  10. jpkcoffvevo says

    she will probably play for the USA WNT sooner or later

  11. josh kana says

    lol the keepers in training r shite

  12. JordanKnowsWell says

    what's the point of doing a step over then taking it the same way ? but not bad for a girl though

  13. crayb89 says

    So smooooooooth! great vid

  14. mufeed homran says

    i grew up in brazil and this girl has talent and magic in her footwork she quick and nice fients and tricks!! her football game excites me which tells me shes an amazing player

  15. MitchyMitch10 says


  16. Daniel Torres says

    at the end of the video i notice it was a girl lol

  17. JxEazy says

    Did she end up playing college or pro?

  18. Josie Rebel says

    Wow those defenders suck. Put me out there and ill show her how real defenders defend. I'm not putting her down or anything but it kind of helps to look really good when you aren't playing the best.

  19. Andy B says

    Girls football (NOT SOCCER) is so easy.

  20. ThePurpleTwig says

    4:40 was good.

  21. TerenceTheTankEngine says


  22. daniel llamas says

    pshhh womens sports haha

  23. Normaily says

    shes not good! its just the other girls are terrible, dont know what they are doing and they neeed to learn how to tackle!

  24. amine787 says

    why the fuck I'm watching girl's soccer ?? however shes pretty good for a girl

  25. p curlic says

    in search of a ginga ???a red head

  26. Alec Piercy says

    @digiprez77 ummm.. no I'm not, I personaly know a lot better girl/women football players.. but then again I am amazing :/ !

  27. atanderson93 says

    swear that's a girl.

  28. thyaaawad says

    who ever said shes bad is full of shit, i am a soccer player
    and i think she is amazing, i mean she looks like a guy playing, very balanced, planted confident, and impressive, she will at least play pro for us if not uk or spain.

  29. Eddie Zuniga says

    @DoctorWhatSeries I totally agree.

  30. DoctorWhatSeries says

    Ball hog much?
    The best players at her age are the ones who can move the ball.
    I doubt she will be able to do that at a top level.
    Also the defenders were absolutely terrible.

  31. Pete The Greek says

    You are realllyyyyy good !! xx keep going 🙂

  32. Alec Piercy says

    thats how most average girl players play in the UK (England)

  33. Footballboy says

    Alex Piercy, I can say that you are probably like Blanco for your Chicago fire team! 🙂

  34. Hayden Heinrich says

    2:27 was sick!

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