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Greetings and indeed joy to the world, and to all of you who live in it… I assume that’s all of you.

I’m thrilled that we have so many people from all over this big rocky mass spinning in space tuning into my channel each week, so I bring you a very special video (drum roll)… my fashion trend forecast for 2020, which takes inspiration from various places around the world.

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  1. love curvy me says

    In India puff sleeves blouses are in with saree ??

  2. Stefanie Carina says

    I love you, Alexa! You know so much about fashion and you have such great humor. One day, I wanna become like you. Greetings from Germany 🙂

  3. Idid says

    yay, the perm! that's so funny, i was just thinking of getting a perm, as it's been over 20 years!

  4. Naomi Chapman says

    People wearing blankets turned out to be unexpectedly accurate

  5. Spiky Blobject says

    Now imagine Paris Hilton wearing corset tucked in jeans ,tucked in boots, with huge handbag made out of hallucinogenic red white-ditted mushrooms, wrapped in unBEARably huge faux-furr coat, wearing wrap around sunglasses, with her pigtail extensions sloping down the road. early 2000s it is

  6. lehua16 says

    Love your personality! ? from a Japan ??

  7. Sally Bird says

    why is nz cut off what the heck

  8. Maria motilla says


  9. Perla Vera says

    Hola ? Desde Buenos Aires!

  10. Dimmer Switch says

    So, wear a corset covered by your big faux fur coat and your pants tucked into your boots. Grab a big bag, some wrap around shades whilst giving everyone the side eye cause you know you've got it Alexa style!

  11. Matthew Gloria-Dalton says

    Silicon Valley California on lock down here. YOU ARE AMAZE; LOVE!

  12. Linda Sophie says

    i love how this is a free geography lesson for Americans:)

  13. Miriam C says

    3 out of glasses gaiters bags

  14. migisb says

    this video ages differently now…

  15. Yoli Cappellini says

    The biggest world trend now is masks! who would tell, right Alexa? stay safe.

  16. Stefan Dreher says

    NORWAY <3

  17. Just me says

    I'm watching from indonesia??

  18. Alexandra Salmeron says

    Hi Alexa, I absolutely love your videos! Post-COVID do you think these trend predictions will change? I would love to hear you forecast any changes! 🙂 xoxo

  19. Berta Svike says

    Loved it! More of these please Alexa!

  20. Literally Jules says

    What Alexa didn’t realise was that the trend was actually going to be all day pyjamas.

  21. Shy Nightshade says

    ya mean fashion trends in white countries

  22. Mel Nuesch says

    You should make a trip to Uruguay and study the trends there (or some south SouthAmerica combo like Uruguay-Argentina, and also maybe with Chile) ! 🙂 It would be interesting. (I'm from Uru, that's why, haha).

  23. tracey says

    so nobody’s going to talk about how Switzerland is in the wrong place

  24. Alara Egeli says

    updated 2020 trend: pj's, sweatpants and activewear for quarantine :/

  25. Helene Helene says

    The whole e girl style was cool in Berlin before the word even existed but became out when everyone stashed labelling it as that

  26. SCHENK says

    From Norway with Love! <3

  27. Svea Sööt says

    bravomy morning was great with you

  28. selective outrage says

    We need designer face masks for bioterrorism defense

  29. effervescent_bubbles says

    omg i would die for a vegan mushroom leather bag

  30. MingJia Liu says

    In japan this year, the Korean style will have a huge impact like last year. And also Chinese style will have an effect too

  31. Moon Energy says

    i don't agree with the oversized bag nope nope nope. small bag ftw

  32. Fatima Khalid says

    No matter how big bags go, i always go for the cute mini ones, since years and years ago. I don’t think that will ever change

  33. Amanda Silva Araújo says

    And What about brasil Alexa ? ??

  34. Montage Film Reviews Sunday DVD Rental Suggestion says

    Alexa!! I think that you should redo this considering the current situation.

  35. ks677 says

    hi! im from cyprus and absolutely love your videos, i feel like halloumi is such a big food trend right now x really proud

  36. Aj J says

    little did we know we would spend all of 2020 at home, and in sweats

  37. Nicole Adames says

    Watching in 2020, in the time of Corona. Rolled necks and wrapped blankets are definitely in.

  38. xs_ fox says

    I am from Switzerland and non of the people i know like Faux Fur. Its like pretending you had animals killed for your fashion..

  39. Ri m says

    Of CORSETS coming back hahaha

  40. Megan Schosboek says

    The fashion version of snl.

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