All about Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics – Nintendo Switch


With Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics, tabletop mainstays like Chess and Four-in-a-row and action-oriented games like Toy Boxing and Slot Cars come together on the Nintendo Switch system! Play an old favorite or discover a game you’ve never heard of when Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics arrives on Nintendo Switch 6/5!

Pre-purchase this collection of classics today!

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  1. raindrainxi says

    Can I play Go on the Gomoku board?

  2. CamBhoy Gamer says


  3. Kyle's World says

    This is a lot of the Wii games on the Switch

  4. Piggpower 2987 says

    Most of these where in wii games like if you have wii games

  5. SolarEclipse2002 says

    I really don't want to pay $60 for this game. It just doesn't feel like one.

  6. 동탄이마트쇼핑카트유아석엄준식 says


  7. dannypanda 101 says

    At 2:55 the best theme starts playing

  8. GoldDropper says

    2:18 Mom can we have UNO?Mom: we have UNO at homeUNO at home:

  9. Andy W. says

    Riichi Mahjong: yes.

  10. POTATOMAN44 says

    Almost every game from Mario's Funamentals (RIP Go Fish)

  11. Avery Patrick says

    Or as I like to call it, the "virginity-b-gone"

  12. OP.8V3 says

    Both Tank games are just Super Mario Party and Mario Party 2 tank mingame ?

  13. Mr. Noodlemin says

    this looks amazing but uggggghhhh $40…

  14. BandwagonCelticsFan says

    the closes thing to wii sports on the switch

  15. It’s Just Aiden says

    What happened to the games that weren’t included but were in the video?

  16. It’s Just Aiden says

    why isint carrom in??

  17. RingzTV says

    Oh my! It’s Back!

  18. Autumn Solomon says

    Ah yes, Nine mens morris, everyone knows that game!

  19. Jason Liu says

    If only they had all the other variants of the games for example mahjong instead of rouchi mahjong I got the game and was sad that there wasn’t the traditional Chinese mahjong just hope there will be a dlc for these things wanted to learn it

  20. Zupa says

    Nobody talks about how cool it is that you only need 1 copy to play most of the games. THANK YOU NINTENDO. Please keep doing this!

  21. PeterG says

    4:47 Except for Riichi Mahjong where it's so complex they can't even explain it

  22. Joseph Angeles says

    Better than “1-2 Switch” tbh

  23. DR. Shrimp says

    Why don't they have pi-sho


    Is it just me or are the games she doesn't explain all ones I've never heard of?

  25. mclimp says


  26. Ragee Miggee says

    Renegade? More lake renegade rader! Laughs in stupid…

  27. Mario_Luigi64 // ML64 says

    Just wait until i start playing chess with you.

  28. 설승일 says

    한글패치 나왔으면 좋겠다


    Clubhouse Games: Last CardUNO: We need to talk

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