All Goals and Emotions of FC Bayern's 3-0 over Chelsea FC | Highlights


FC Bayern’s 3-0 over Chelsea FC was the 7th straight win in the UEFA Champions League. Enjoy all goals and emotions of this great performance by Serge Gnabry, Robert Lewandowski & Co.

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FC live:

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  1. Amyana Sahabdool says

    That Phonzie run and Lewy goal… just perfection ???

  2. Dorian Vaz says

    Bayern only wins in the Bundesliga because the other teams suck. Heard that before? The so-called Premier League is horrendous to be honest, just like their hopes of winning a second World Cup, as a nation.

  3. a l q u a x a says

    chelsea will win

  4. CapsuleCorp Games says

    Eine Frage was war los mit serge er sah am Ende nicht sehr glücklich aus?

  5. Admas Phlip says

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  6. Zap _99 says

    Geiles video!

  7. Stephen Ord says

    Bayern own London

  8. Ryan Hussey says

    Alphonso is great on and off the pitchSo is Joshua Zirkzee, he’s so happy for alphonso

  9. Hiền Hiền Thảo says


  10. DEATH SINGER10 says

    I am a big bayern fan and I am scared next season Chelsea will take revenge

  11. W S says

    MIA SAN MIA??????

  12. rahmad Hidayat says


  13. BAYERN MÜNCHEN! says

    I know but im also scared TO THE SECOND LEG

  14. Sanjay Jayan says

    Why is tolisso wearing Chelsea jersey?

  15. Sanjay Jayan says

    Nice team work

  16. Nikolai NM says

    Mia san mia!

  17. Kartik Kusmude says

    Waiting for their match against Juventus ?? so that they could meet cr7

  18. سلطان العقيلان says

    Hala barcelona

  19. Adonis Top of Men says

    fantastisch …….

  20. Andleeb Qazi says

    I love Liverpool I bet we can’t even win at home you beat Chelsea 3 NEL we beat them 2-1 one GOAL difference at an field you beat em by 3 goal difference

  21. Marcellus Wallace says

    ballon d'or bitte an Lewandowski. Er hat es es sowas von verdient!!! Eine Maschine….

  22. Beatiful president says


  23. Markorvic Lahong says

    LONDON will always be red.MIA SAN MIA.

  24. Luqman Kiani says

    Seeing those fans during corona epidemic, sad :'(

  25. Syapa Aja says

    1:40 "OK GUYS COME ON!"4:31 " 0 – 3 "

  26. JWALIN m says

    Anyone after the draw ???

  27. Love guru says

    Bayern has two training ground in England..tottenham stadium n Stanford bridge ???

  28. xozeem says

    So Barca will be humiliated by this team in the quarter finals..

  29. Tobarak Ali says

    lewandoski is best

  30. GloryToJesus AMEN says

    Repent and believe the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. God bless you all! Repent before it is too late. God's wrath is coming

  31. GloryToJesus AMEN says

    Repent and believe the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. God bless you all! Repent before it is too late. God's wrath is coming

  32. GloryToJesus AMEN says

    Repent and believe the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. God bless you all! Repent before it is too late. God's wrath is coming

  33. Shuvam P says

    Gave us a good whacking, fair play.

  34. Kushagra Srivastava says

    This is lewa show2 assists1 goalThis really shows hes a team playerMost strikers insist on scoring but he doesntBest striker in the world no doubtEdit:Thanks for the likes

  35. Eddi lel says

    Da waren noch Zuschauer dabei

  36. Iindranil Sarkar says

    Omg Alphonso Davies just trashed 3 players wow he is a best!!!

  37. Harry Sanjaya says


  38. Harry Sanjaya says

    Next 5-0

  39. Sivesh J says

    POV: ur here cuz the official highlights were made private

  40. Boussaidi Abdallah says

    ⁦??⁩?⁦??⁩?⁦✌️⁩???? Bayern

  41. Storm Trooper says

    "Revenge is better when it is served cold"…

  42. Soos Kleeeks says

    The Chelsea Fans were so Quiet

  43. Futbol Hastası says

    UEFA champions league 2012 final munich

  44. Rtw Sr says

    I'm a Chelsea fan and don't think the tie is there anymore?

  45. bony mathew says

    Bayern Kerala fans like adi

  46. Ayunda Alicia says

    Highlight macam apa ini?

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