all-new Audi S3 Sportback FULL REVIEW 2021 A3 performance model – Autogefühl


This is our in-depth review of the all-new Audi S3 Sportback. We’re taking a look at Exterior, Interior and the driving experience.

Transparency note: Autogefühl videos are independent and free from editorial influence on opinion and rating. But since manufacturers enable us to do the reviews in the first place, for legal reasons this video is marked as _advertisement_.

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  1. Dmitry Zakharov says

    Do they have trunk lid close button? Thanks

  2. limpunsing22 says

    I'd prefer the CLA 35 Ace review, though

  3. Bryan Chen says

    Could you do a full length review on the RSQ3 SPORTBACK!?

  4. Eugene Mbite says

    Sedan! damn Audi, take my money 😍

  5. fx kraft says

    Let's be honest, this car is cheaply made rubbish. Audi has cut costs and it shows. Our local dealership isn't seeing many people buy new Golfs either.

  6. 山内淳カイル says

    Thanks Audi for the real exhausts! There will be now world peace.

  7. Prashanth Pai says

    Meh 😒

  8. rahul baskaran says

    Just completed watching the review of same car from carwow. I was hoping the registration numbers are same in both the channel but its not. (carwow audi reg no: IN S 3217, Autogefuhl reg no : IN S 3215)

  9. Michael Adamsky says

    Oh nein Audi. Was ist denn das?Kann man es mit den Lufteinlässen noch mehr übertreiben?Und der Grill?Und ein Sound zum lachen. Es ist peinlich. Früher hat man sich einen Sportwagen auch wegen des Sounds gekauft. Was ist das denn?Das ist noch peinlicher als ein Golf GTI.Luftpumpen Motor..

  10. T says

    The only defect I find for this lovely car (apart of its price 😅) are those air vents in the cockpit. Really, the engineers weren’t able to find another solution for putting them ?? Great review, as always!!!!

  11. PORFORMER says

    Klingt wie ein Dreizylinder.

  12. Paweł .Rozlazły says

    Great review as always Thomas! It's getting closer to 500k!!

  13. Adam Bogusz says

    Do the rear seats fold down in the sedan?

  14. Aurimas Labanauskas says

    Rear door handles are the same like in the front.. That blank door lock plates look ugly…

  15. PorssiMies says

    What is your height?The cars looks often so small when you are standing…

  16. Miles Davis says


  17. Chris Murphy says

    Looks good to me.

  18. Cartik says

    Such a cheap plasticky interior! Shame….Bmw Merc better..

  19. H Edgar says

    When to have a RSQ3 review then Mr.?

  20. Amir Rad says

    I have driven this very car. The interior quality is terribly low for the price. German cars sell only and only because they have monopolised the advertising sector. Comparing Mazda3 is 10 times a better car and cheaper than this overpriced piece of German junk.That goes the same for Mercedes A class hatch. The car costs 50k, but it feels like you are driving a KIA picanto. And Audi A1? the poorest quality amongst all cars i have driven.

  21. Naz. Tanzeem says

    They should have left the front bumper lower lip coloure coaded same as the car,vw done the same with the new golf,it looks like the bumper is missing, or the paint shop guys run out of paint lol.

  22. slapi2006 says

    wow, never managed to watch before 100 views 🙂

  23. stephen10 says

    Audi has lost its good design for a kind of Seat design. For this'price i say no .

  24. Tero Kaakinen says

    Looking really good, both exterior and interior… 👌🏼But why no volume knob, but that cheap looking plastic thing stolen from old iPod?? 🤔 Slightly distortion in a very fine whole otherwise…

  25. Kosmas says


  26. Mark shaz says

    Great review, but not a fan of the car.

  27. Omer Davidovich says

    So… Compared to the Golf GTI, what do you think?

  28. NON GRADA says

    Who doesn’t option it with a bottomless steering wheel ☠️

  29. Ciaran Adkins says

    Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

  30. Misbah Ayers says

    Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  31. Bean says

    Bought a S3 earlier this year, I think the previous generation looks better both interior and exterior. The new interior looks too much alike to the mk8 Golf, the previous generation exterior has sharper body lines.

  32. Sideways Y says

    Very good and informativ video as always👍. But can you give us at least a very little hint if you guys have already seen the new 8. Generation of the Golf R or TCR/CS?😩🙏

  33. Leonard Martin says

    By the way, it's not necessary to use indicators when entering a round about.

  34. Karol Stępień says

    Love both interior and exterior looks but I have a feeling previous generation S3 sounded better. Great review Thomas, as always!

  35. sebxx says

    at least it's not a diesel this time

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