All things privacy in Android 11


Privacy has always been core to how Android is designed. In this talk we go over the new privacy features that we launched in Android including one-time permissions, permissions auto-reset and scope storage. We also talk about new permissions tools that help you understand how your apps access permissions gated data.

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Narayan Kamath

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  1. linh vu says


  2. Peter AzureB1te says

    Funny how a Google product focuses on Privacy….Get to the actual deal,remove the dependency on Google. Not GMS,but give us an option to get rid of google spying on us

  3. ปารวี แสงยา says


  4. Kees de Jong says

    Excellent overview.

  5. sai saran says

    So a third party App got all my details while using android 10 and when my system is updated to android 11 I can finally restrict the access for this third party App which has already my data…..interesting 🙁

  6. Max says

    OK Google! Start my car for 5 minutes ?

  7. maboroshi says

    Many features are only for apps targeting Android 11.Chinese Apps: Nah, we'll still targeting Android 4.4.

  8. Rares Serban says

    Greats steps towards privacy protection and its enforcement!

  9. pentex nyx says

    8:20 Isn't that how some launchers work?

  10. Decebal Trandafir says

    As a user i want wifi restriction for non system apps but i dont know when i will see this implementation on stock Android. I use an Android ONE device.

  11. Sky Marshal says

    Users should not have to remember to uninstall an app they don't use… but I have many applications that I don't use for WEEKS because they respond to very specific needs (ping tools, etc.). So I hope that the behavior "by default" can be turned off by the user, as the system should take care of this matter only if it is expected.I don't want to be annoyed by regular permission requests because some developers thought in my place.And I don't have more than 50 apps.Yes, I am an anomaly but I don't have to suffer from that.

  12. The Danish says

    1000's google developers work on launch of single lib or features and we are some developers in a software house or companies that using almost thier all features in our single app how we manage their frequently updates ?

  13. The Danish says

    if google required to restrict some function or features then Google should ask their developers community for better solution you just restrict the things and make developer's life worse

  14. The Danish says

    Google always focus on their customers but never thing about developer life if you restrict some lib or functions then give us proper alternative how we manage our applications workflow ? your every security update make developer life hard

  15. Surendra Shrestha says

    Support a project with package name implement a library with package name com.pqr.uvw.If the library com.pqr.uvw create a directory named "pic" using getExternalFilesDir() then absolute path will be which of 1 or 2? 1. /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/

  16. SuperChiko K&R. 2.3 says

    This is a beautiful video ??

  17. Samuel Santaella says

    How did you get the info for those interesting statistics? Also, how are trackers addressed?

  18. First Last says

    my Garmin Connect app will flash my camera light if I issue a command on my watch to find my phone. If the flash cannot be executed in the background because camera cannot be accessed in the background, wouldn't that pose a problem? To me, a camera flash to find my phone seems legit and isn't related to taking a picture.I love the changes. As someone else mentioned, the developers probably need as many clear guidance as possible to help them through this sort of best practice transition. As an end user I love this but I can be sympathetic to how enhanced privacy can make development that much more difficult when it's such a foreign concept.

  19. Jordan Verma says

    you should add amicrophone icon like windowd in the status bar , it will show the microphone icon when it is in use. or you should add a other section for the sensor control an its uses , and for other peripheral devices.

  20. Ranjith kumar says

    Consider developers too ??

  21. Amir Gamil says

    Nice! Keep up the good work! ? Privacy ftw!

  22. DZ NEEDS CODE says

    now we can say android is more secure than IOS

  23. Salvaged says

    cool video my guy

  24. MZ G4MES says

    When the beta edition will be ready to use and is it runs for realme 3

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