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Presenting you the yummy #AmaravatiChicken Recipe which is also my signature dish. For more lip smacking recipes STAY TUNED to Rethika’s Just my Way! Try out the recipe and share your feedback with me!!

Ingredients Required:

Chicken 1kg
Curd 2 cups
Ginger Garlic Paste 2tbs
Cumin Powder 3 tbs
Red Chilli Powder (Kashmiri Chilli Powder, preferably) 3tbs
Mutton Masala – Tastes better 2tbs
Garam Masala 2tbs
Salt as required
Lemon juice
Oil as required
Green Chilli
Curry Leaves
Food Color – I have used organic food color

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  1. Nandha kumar says

    I love you❤ ma ?????????All very nice to See & Interesting you, Rethika Mam by Nandhakumar (KRI)

  2. Jrekha rajkumar says

    Amaravathi chicken – till date I use to chop onions , tomatoes more for making chicken dish. Now relaxed watching this. Thank u mam

  3. Jrekha rajkumar says

    Mam, I started seeing ur videos. Quiet impressed with videos. Specially home facial with natural ingredients. At this time, it's a very useful beauty tips. Thank u

  4. sulthani jaman says

    Mam put more non-veg recepies?

  5. Steffi Dsouza says

    Ur voice and way of communicating resembles my Aunty?

  6. Manjus illam says

    Unga home tour podunga madam

  7. Manjus illam says

    Mam neenga pesuradhu superb ah iruku……

  8. Ambika chittu says

    Colour romba azhaga iruku.

  9. Abirami selvam says

    I will try it… And its looks so awsm?? I hope i m going to love it??

  10. Anusha David says

    I usually use mutton masala for chicken dish ?

  11. Grace Veronika says

    Super akka

  12. SRIEE TC says

    Wow very nice cooking to Amaravati Chicken yummy Super food ??

  13. Yasmin Haroon says

    Kitchen tour poduga

  14. HEMA R says

    Naa try panra mam coming Sunday

  15. Ajitha Azhakesan says

    Sunday prepared the recipe mam…came out very well…Thank u for the time saving and tasteful restaurant style chicken…Please do upload more recipes….Thank u

  16. shanthi shanmugam says

    Yes … It's very juicy…. Semmma… Thank you rithika…

  17. Muthu Latchemy says

    Sister I like your cooking style and the way you explain very good not like Vanita cooking channel I stop watching her channel sister keep up your good cooking show at tube so I can follow up ????❤️

  18. Malaysia Samayal says

    Love the way you present and explain ???

  19. shanthi shanmugam says

    Today I am trying this Amaravathi rithika?

  20. Ashwini Star says

    Mam weight gain tips kuduga mam

  21. jenifer preethi says

    My brother tried this . Simple but was so yummy .. thanks for this recipe..Pls share more recipes:)

  22. Mei Appan says


  23. Hari Priya says

    Super mam

  24. Anusuya Karthik says

    I prepared this recipe today comes out well…. All my family like this lot, Such a delicious recipe guys try this really superb…. Thank you mam

  25. thamil an says

    You have fright future please continue

  26. thamil an says

    Madam. Super and u only better than vanitha

  27. Lokesh Vasu says

    Mam say one hi

  28. Vidhya V says

    I tried this today was really yummy…????

  29. Wee boy KATHIRAVAN says

    Love u mam

  30. Wee boy KATHIRAVAN says

    I love u mam

  31. Madhu Rk says

    I tried it today and It came out really well.Thank you❤

  32. Nandhu Talks says

    Mutton Masala recipe mam

  33. Nikhil Kumaar says

    Rethika Ji, you look very beautiful! Dish also brilliant, love it! ?☺️?

  34. Nikhil Kumaar says

    @rethikajiAfter listening to Talkative people like Vanitha, can't take anybody's words per minute! So Kindly explain while cooking.. Plz Talk less, just Cook, that's enough! Dish is epic madam ji!

  35. Thobhy's kitchen says

    Mam, Iam going to try this?

  36. Thobhy's kitchen says

    Super mam, I like the way you ?‍?cook Thank you for this beautiful recepi

  37. Lavanya Sundararajan says

    Very nice

  38. kanishq s says

    mam really super.tq.

  39. Shankar A says

    What about the amount of green chillies used madam??

  40. Gowtham K says

    Akka I did today. Woow. My mom and dad loves it. Thanks akka @rithika akka

  41. Rajkumar Vedachalam says

    Munja paru samayal panna vanthuda

  42. rajjaaraam nk says

    Mmmmm…. ????super Thank you…

  43. Anand P says

    Do u cook non-veg???u look brahmin. @VJ's

  44. Reethika Cute says

    Ennoda name vu reethika dhan

  45. Jayanthi Ram says

    Rithega madam ungala vanitha romba respect kodakama pesnathu interview la pannathu enuku romba kazatama erukuthnga.annall god summaveda mattar madam

  46. Ravikanth Ravi says

    Mam Really ur great human being… followed u After watching ur support abt social issue… today I subscribed..sorry for late?…. amazing to see ur tamil pronounce ??and explained Super?… today I will try this Amaravati chicken? ??

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    Thanks a litt

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    Juice yaar I will try for sure

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