1. Andres Valencia says

    The defenders play like bitches! I wouldve clipped that sob!

  2. MrJamzy1 says

    If that was the UK them mans woulda lost the ball….. Or there legs!!!!!

  3. Ian Guthrie says

    @berlin52029 you fucking suck at football! So shut the fuck up you dumbass

  4. scatlar2 says

    Y people say bad defenders they pretty good , like to see the people commenting defend better+in indoor usually not defenders playing just freestyle strikers/midfield

  5. Kike Marban says

    My favorite part was when i took this shit off

  6. w00gedyb00gedy says

    what have i learned from this vid… hmm… white people cant defend….

  7. kevanokevano says

    @theozys those ppl are usually not footballers but just freestylers

  8. Bocata TV says

    @InstantNuggets video uploaded in 2006… youtube in those days was that way… not my fault

  9. Keen-Eyed Shinobi says

    @Aantonho yah the defence sucked

  10. NG says

    Little nick is better

  11. seanturk23 says


  12. Merlion ABS says

    are they playing no contact? ball control good, but wouldn't last 2 secs in a 5 or 6 a side round my way.

  13. anabolicking1 says


  14. Kevin Gonzalez says

    not sayin they arent raw, but those defenders are SLACKIN

  15. britturk123 says

    the ball is as big as one of my six year old sons nuts its not that hard to perform skills with it though in honesty they are very talented players.

  16. rtwillmott says

    the guy at 1:02 you could get the ball so easily from him at that one point

  17. slemgurt2 says

    most of time these idiots just play around the ball between their feet while the defense just stand there looking.

  18. 100kidane says

    I Dont know What To Say ….

  19. Johan lake says

    @crazyazzcholo indoor football

  20. Julian Light says

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  21. Cam says

    OMG 2:17 Is Just Killing It Lool He Is Amazing

  22. ceviche666 says

    I see some say they would just take the ball, or see chances to take the ball. Trust me that's what they want,try and take the ball so they can go right around you…not as easy as you think.

  23. Robertino - APB says

    i want to see every hater play against these people as this is not staged.

  24. Jakey Bake says

    Do you think Roy Keane or Brian Robson would have stood there and watched some clown do twirls over a ball?

  25. isforshooting says


  26. JEBAGRAFF says

    @wolfking the old song was better?

  27. gertjedevos says

    This is real life. ever been to an indoor game. when you come out to soon as a defender than they play even more with your balls. Then you go completely insane. Vanenburg played in Belgian indoor soccer league and i can assure you, It is a pleasure to watch.

  28. Henningway says

    Truly great ball controlling skills, but let them play against some John Terry or Jürgen Kohler-typer of player and they won't look that happy anymore… 😉

  29. Bocata TV says


    Mentiras – Tote King

  30. Alpha says

    the defenders are PURPOSELY static..
    this is mostly staged…

    if it was real life skills, then that would be impressive..

  31. gaz hasabig williams says

    its called football!!!!!!! haa

  32. Mikołaj Kisielewski says

    this movie give extra power to play

  33. alrageagainst says


  34. Kodie James says

    yea i no what you mean but its still just as fun

  35. Kodie James says

    isnt fair hes taking on white guys

  36. Hey says

    indoor Soccer is so much more harder than Out door

    you cant do like crossovers and stuff…its more abt control

  37. durfmann12345 says

    good skills but look at the defenders they are facing, not doing shit haha and how many times did they score???

  38. theozys says

    some ppl dont care about the score, only the beauty of the sport 😉

  39. ingomado says

    falcao o malabarista look that up best futsal footballer ever got some fat skills

  40. Flyin18T Motorsports says

    They can dance with the ball all they want. Unless their theatrics actually contribute to the team putting the ball in the net it's all garbage. I think i only saw two clips of the ball handler get by their defender and pass the ball off to a team mate. Other than that not one of those clips resulted with the ball in the net.

  41. psdent says

    it doesn't look like they are trying to tackle them very much

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