1. zeeshan lalani says

    lovely more please

  2. james m says

    cricket is so swaggy

  3. KlashaB12 says

    i agree with you it has a great history 3 formats so its more exciting its internationally played as has great tournaments & has awesome rivalries that are always great to watch like aus v eng and pak v ind etc

  4. Rowan Pennwilliams says

    Shut up you fucking idiot.

  5. therightgame3 says

    this should have been in HD 🙂

  6. Guido Hatzis says

    nothing beats ashes cricket

  7. Shoaib Akram says

    @23justindiaz Better than fucking baseball ,Nobody knows how to play it.

  8. Shoaib Akram says

    @23justindiaz IDiot it is the second most famous sport of the world.After the arrival of t20's It became more popular ,this game is heart of Asia.

  9. Justin Diaz says

    This is the second gayest sport you forgot that stupid oreo eating game the mannings made (that commercial was the dumbest thing ive ever seen)

  10. Latino Flyboy says

    this is the GAYEST sport ever

  11. Farooq Waaen says

    0:34 amazing

  12. almost123easy says

    Warny spinning the ball in his hands is a mad shot

  13. Syed Haider says

    3:01 close call!

  14. sahad salmi says

    watch this this is once happened in history

  15. CJ5 says

    cricket is the BEST sport ever!! Great tribute to the game 🙂 5 star and favorited

  16. Green Plasticbag says

    damn, this ting made me cry. beautiful.

  17. TheGamescon says

    0:21 why is he not competing in the olympics?

  18. Abdul Sami says

    Shane warne's fingers look magical at 2:32

  19. Santhosh Mazhavarayar says

    wacth 2.32 to 2.38

  20. Patrick Bryan says

    Has anybody seen a similar one to this by channel 4 but with a nice latino tango piece as bakground music with an accordian and piano?? I'm looking for it and can't find it anywhere!

  21. Simon Normington says

    Lied Ohne Worte by Mendelssohn

  22. Sahil Dev says

    what's the name of the background piece?

  23. Ed Woolcott says

    i love the bat at 2:34

  24. jayesh choudhari says

    slow motion's always cool. But this one was one of the better ones. I guess the music made it much better.

  25. Scott Pedersen says

    0:46 – quality slip cordon!

  26. Trendz4U says

    this is a great video…
    all the small clips were put together brilliantly, and the sound complimented the intensity of the video perfectly…

    watching this video just reminds me why cricket is the 2nd most watched sport in the world…

    the part where warne turns the ball in his hand was specially amazing..

    i just came back home after playing cricket for 3 hours..
    watching this video makes me want to go and play again :p

  27. Worliny oo says

    i agrey thats a joy to watch noxin81.

    Great vid!!!!

  28. nb227 says

    Ya it was on Channel 4 and the Ashes DVD. Good job for posting tho 🙂

  29. sanjeetkuinkel says


  30. noxin81 says

    2:32 to 2:38

    Warngasm. That's a joy to watch.

  31. Alok Chauhan says

    Excellent Video

  32. matt smith says

    great video



  34. Pilkie101 says

    What piece is that

  35. a.ramappa says

    Poetic stuff. Thanks for posting this.

  36. Joe Thompson says

    3:00 i thought it was gonna hit him in the nuts!
    but this video is incredible!!!

  37. scotlandr says

    This video is just amazing and exquisite, however that piece of music, i love it. but i do not know who it is who wrote it and what it is called, can you or anyone tell me that please, i must know. thanks for putting this up, utter brilliance…

  38. Abhi R says

    Awesome video!

  39. Liam Kidner says

    this is a great clip. wow.

  40. Dwight Bandy says

    Great! Please don't "suclude" just the Aussies. Theyd b devastated 2 find out 15yo genius was vilifying just their nation.
    Ppl of the world will only lie comfortably in bed when they find u racially discriminating other nations.
    Congrats on the 15 yrs. U sure have learnt a lot. Hope U find more hate 2 share around.
    Lemme guess….in addition 2 15 years & a fit hugs, ur also dux of the college & ur lining up a shot to study medicine or law @ Oxford or Cambridge?
    U go kid. B all that u can b.

  41. Dwight Bandy says

    Who's we?
    Some 21 year-old sitting behind a computer instead of looking for a girlfriend who believes he can speak for the entire United Kingdom?
    Why just seclude your racism to Australians? There are literally hundreds of other nationalities out there you can have a crack at.
    You're racism is far too beautiful to be wasted on just one nation.

  42. NikiPaprika says

    whats the music?

  43. Sahil Dev says

    you idiot i'm talking abt the piano piece

  44. Sahil Dev says

    what's the name of the piece?

  45. vickwhoelse says

    Could have better teams on this . . . . .

  46. Juan José Peñaranda says

    yeah right, you aussies are what you are because of us, without us Australia would be a land full o

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