Amazing Soccer Goals and Saves


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This movie displays many amazing goalkeeper saves from all stars such as Iker Casillas, Petr Cech, Victor Vales, and Buffon. It also includes two amazing goals from Roberto Carlos (Brazil) one of which is named the improbable goal as it will statistically never happen again due to the small angle of the shot (0.8 degrees), using reverse curve with his left foot at 120km an hour while running full speed out of bounds into the top right of the goal, and the other is a direct free kick that has over 4 feet of curve around the wall before hitting the right post into the goal.
Music:New Divide-Likin Park
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  1. Kaeden Springer says


  2. farzana says

    only saves

  3. Saxobeat99 says

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  4. pat Hurley says


  5. Norm Agnew says

    Some amazing saves there

  6. Christian Llamas says

    You obviously don't see other goalkeepers that have made better saves than them. I'll give you names: Thibault Courtios, Joe Hart, Manuel Neuer, Ochoa, I mean come on pal if you're gonna make a video about amazing saves at least look up your information mate.

  7. Carol Sievers says

    Sorry potato in 1080p is still patato….

  8. Sumona Sumedh says

    you only put 2 goals

  9. Oscar Anguiano says

    Whats the song called

  10. Kenneth Kaufmann says


  11. Big Beefy Boy says

    Those goals make me feel like I can't block goals.BTW I'm a goaly

  12. Mike says

    i love all of the buffon saves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Johnny Guerrero says

    This is called soccer BRUH

  14. Omar Hernandez says

    Good video

  15. FlameRays says

    It's called football

  16. William Wang says

    What's the song

  17. Edgar Nino says

    I like soccer

  18. Brian Beiler says

    Deflections are the toughest to stop.

  19. ihsan gene says

    I Germany and Argentina the mot 

  20. Reedy says

    This guy doesn't know anything where's bloody neuer the best keeper in the whole fucking world

  21. Homer Simpson says

    offsides 4:09

  22. Homer Simpson says

    I can do saves like that and i am 8

  23. Pizza Alias says

    I'm nine and if mad a goal like that in a travel soccer game

  24. Christie Hogan says

    AWESOME saves

  25. tas488 says

    Nice vid

  26. Tenacious Toad says

    Hey thanks for the great video. It looks like you put a lot of hard work into it

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