Amazing Soccer Shots and Saves


Soccer (Football) shooting session with goalie Matt Shapiro

Please see my bonus Highlights video too, with “behind the scene” views. Thanks for watching!!

Saif Danger, youth player. I do all of my own filming and digital editing. I am constantly improving. Please share your comments and requests, feedback is appreciated. Thank you for your support and don’t forget to Subscribe for more!!!

– September 19, 2015 Penn Hills, PA

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  1. zakattacker11 says

    how does this guy only have 179 he should have way more with the shots he pulling off like the first

  2. Klonxz says


  3. Saif Greco says

    Thank guys 🙂 over 2,500 views!! Check out my latest

  4. FUNES says

    Do u put your phone on the ground?

  5. Fifa World Cup 2014 says

    Awesome! Love FIFA as much as we do? Check out our highlights video by visiting our channel. Much appreciated!

  6. Kodiak says

    congrats getting 100 subs man!

  7. Freekick Lad says

    this is a really great vid mate you deserve more subs

  8. Foot Freestyle says

    Good, i sub, sub to back ? 😉

  9. Saif Greco says

    Glad you guys like this. Let me know what you would like to see more of ?

  10. Yeee says

    Those goals. We're amazing .. Subbed and liked … Maybe you could return ?

  11. Kodiak says

    look on the right of my channel

  12. Kodiak says

    i just subed you

  13. Kodiak says

    nice shots man

  14. Javi Hunnitbucks says

    wow amazings kicks

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