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A massive wildfire is currently ravaging the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. According to experts, the fire is not only one of the worst on record for the region, but it could also cause a ripple effect with climate change for years to come.

The Amazon produces about 20 percent of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere. The rainforest is also home to some three million species of plants and animals, along with one million indigenous people.

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  1. ROMAIN WHITE says

    This was great, but if you want to see the same jungle experience in Florida, click on the link below, Enjoy!


    Can I use it for my education related you tube video and monetize it?

  3. Ron S says

    There is a new book of paintings and essays which speak to the shear beauty of the Amazon rainforest and its steady destruction through deforestation, strip-mining and climate change… all by the hand of man. The book is titled "Sentido – Paintings by Bob Nugent." The Portuguese word sentido, has to do with experiencing things with all one’s senses. Not just to transfer what you have seen but to use all your senses to record the place or object. The paintings are not only accompanied by insightful essays but also the artist's own photographs in which many of his paintings are based on. Already, Nugent’s art was being recognized and praised. In 1977 he received a Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Artist Fellowship, and one year later a National Endowment for the Arts Individual Fellowship. But what would follow after his initial visit to Brazil was a succession of awards and recognitions for his work in portraying the meld of Amazonian life with the abstracted emotionality of our “civilized” response to it. A Fulbright grant, California Arts Council Artist Fellowship, U.S. State Department Cultural Exchange Grant, and others enabled him to continue what would become a life-long mission of depicting this world and its transformation before our very eyes. The book is available at @t

  4. Greg Chesson says

    Can we please just leave this place alone?

  5. Suzingos says

    The forest of my Brazil is so beautiful

  6. Bobirkhuja Rakhmatillaev says

    perfect video ever seen! Can I upload this video to my channel ?? Please

  7. All in One says


  8. Samiruddin Khan says

    It's so relaxing ?❤

  9. 516 NoahTheNoosh says

    2020 anyone

  10. judith gonzalez alabern says

    ce bonic

  11. Freya Mortimer says

    It breaks my heart to see these happy animals ? but they don’t know there beautiful rain forest will be is on fire x?❤️?☁️?

  12. dominik kuźnik says

    Mam nadzieję, że ten las pozostanie taki na zawsze, ponieważ palą płuca ziemi dla ich krótkoterminowego zysku i nie widzą wady spalania lasów tropikalnych i zanieczyszczeń co2 warto stosować źrudła odniawialne; solar ,turbina wiatrowa,turbina wodna

  13. Vanessa Jennings says

  14. Priyanka Kadam says

    i love the amazon rainforest!

  15. Aniz angelescu says

    Wish they never did this because oxygen is dying and the animals

  16. Moa Moha says

    in the Quran revealed 1400 years ago in the verse allah says Do you not see that God sends down rain from the sky with which we ring forth fruits of various colors and among the mountins are streaks white and red of various colors and others raven black and among men beasts and cattle are various as well indeed it is anly the knowledgeable of God.s servants that fear him surely God is almighty all.forgiving

  17. Armando Mendonça says

    É lindo❤️?

  18. Jahid hasan says


  19. Asbah Naeem says

    Its so beautiful ? may this always be like this

  20. SIRAJ AHMAD says

    Very nice video

  21. Shervin james says

    Look how beautiful is Amazon rainforest. The nature. The lungs of the earth.My biggest dream is to visit Amazon rain forest once in my life. Love from India

  22. Infilax says

    I love toucan so much ill buy a pet toucan and move some where near a rain forest and set my fav loved pet free

  23. Tang de Uva says


  24. Laura Egeav says

    CHILDREN AND ADULTS think a lot and learn to think about future of yourself and the world DON'T ALLOW SB think about our future and the world.

  25. Laura Egeav says

    ??????????Please be aware of good and bad in the world and when is bad happening react fast also as private person. Children and adults be more aware what is bad happening in the world, think more about this have your opinion and react fast also when you don't have money for this. ????? ?????

  26. Gabriel Moreira Gonçalves says

    It's beautiful, wonderful.

  27. Sourav Dutta says

    Many many thanks for you and your videos

  28. Sourav Dutta says

    Video ke liya bohot dhannabad…itna dur ki chis may dekhpaya

  29. Claudio Emetumah says

    Who’s here after watching Rio the movie?

  30. محمد محمد says

    Protect the Amazon

  31. Crazy gamez says

    1 like=prayers for animals of Amazon rainforest

  32. K0M1K4Z3 says

    My family is Brazilian and I’m half Brazilian too. It’s sad to see the place that I once visited when I was 5 and loved so MUCH is being burned down by selfish acts of humanity who only care about money and profit.

  33. Venkatesh G says

    Amazon is a great forest

  34. Mera Pind INDIA PUNJAB says

    The amazon rainforest can not get on fire ?.

  35. Dev in says

    Salute to the camera man

  36. Troll says


  37. Slav_Tinky Winky says

    R. I. P


    First is that amazon is a great source of our oxygen but there are other rainforests in there waiting to get notice you may only think about amazon as our large oxygen supply but Other rainforests are there !

  39. Trekking withTrevor says

    Woooaaaah, I met a few reptile critters during my 2017 adventures!

  40. The Caring Adolf Hitler says

    yeah i hate humans

  41. Shazil Ahamed says

    Pleaseeeeeeee , save the amazon rainforests

  42. Notnot November Verified says

    1:01 please tell me what bird is that?

  43. NIGWARD says

    r.i.p to all the animals that died

  44. alex Ebrahem says

    Amazon rainforest allready extinction blue parrots like come on

  45. Bismillah International says

    But fire ???

  46. Bismillah International says

    O my god wonderfull?????

  47. nycandrews says

    You so are so so sorry to hear it so sorry for that sorry love love it and sorry for my love love and it was a

  48. Erick Segale says

    Bolsonara, was on telemundo,,just know ,United nacions ,will hae areunion about the Amazon burning,he will be there,he will not take any help,for the fires,show he want the fire burning ,arrogant,ignorant,and stupid., Also he have to have another operacion, from the knife of that pperson who try to kill him. During his elecion! Enough is Enough stop bolsonar ,save the Amazon.

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